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According to him, one of his tasks is to make the territorial aspects of development policy more prominent than before.

This is perhaps related to the fact that I have been the government commissioner of the North Transdanubia Economic Development Zone for the past year, and I have argued countless times that this area has slightly different problems than other regions of the country. I feel that this is not yet recognized in national development policy today

Said Tibor Navracsics a VEOL In an interview with the Veszprém County News Portal.

They want a more coordinated Lake Balaton policy

My task is to build a system of institutions and criteria for development policy by the end of the cycle, by 2026, which will enable the people living here to better assert their specific interests in development policy, and development policy will be able to better support the aspects here.

– he said, adding that in the vicinity of Lake Balaton this tourism and the administrative fragmentation still present today, as the lake belongs to three counties and three planning-statistical regions.

If we want a more coordinated Lake Balaton policy, we must also strengthen the role of the Balaton Development Council (BFT).

He thought.

According to Tibor Navracsics, the special aspects of Northern Transdanubia stem from the fact that the region is closer to Western Europe and its labor markets than the rest of the country, therefore it is a much bigger challenge for the region’s entrepreneurs to keep the workforce and employees.

For those who live here, the national average is not the benchmark

– stressed the future minister.

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Brussels should be contacted

Regarding the debate between the government and the European Union, he spoke about the need to find an agreement in the union and to sign two agreements in order to obtain resources from the multiannual financial framework and the reconstruction fund.

My primary goal will be to get in touch with Brussels to find out what is causing the deadlock and to try to overcome the obstacles. I would be happy if the resources could be provided as smoothly as possible.

The developments launched in Hungary must be financed from these funds, so EU funds are needed as soon as possible, said Tibor Navracsics.

(Cover image: Tibor Navracsics October 7, 2021. Photo: Márton Mónus / MTI)

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