All races in Germany 2022

Bremen, Cologne, Leipzig/Halle, Magdeburg, Essen, Munich, Dresden, Lübeck, Frankfurt: Germany’s major cities invite running fans to a rendezvous in October. The Frankfurt Marathon is traditionally the last major event in the German marathon scene.

Datum Marathon Ort special feature
02.10.2022 swb-Marathon Bremen Bremen Bremen highlights such as the city centre, the Weser or the Weser Stadium along the route
02.10.2022 Generali Cologne Marathon Köln hustle and bustle at the edge of the route and finish at the Cologne Cathedral
08.10.2022 Brocken marathon at the Harz Mountain Run Wernigerode Marathon over Northern Germany’s highest mountain
09.10.2022 Central German Marathon Halle/Saale classic route between Leipzig and Halle, on which the first German marathon was held
09.10.2022 Magdeburg-Marathon Magdeburg Run through the Ottostadt Magdeburg
09.10.2022 Westenergie Marathon “Around Lake Baldeney” Essen oldest still active marathon in Germany (first held: 1963)
09.10.2022 International Black Forest Marathon Bräunlingen 80% well paved forest paths, 20% asphalt
09.10.2022 Generali Munich Marathon München Finish through the marathon gate in the Olympic Stadium as at the 1972 Olympics
09.10.2022 Sparkasse 3-country marathon at Lake Constance Lindau Run through three countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
15.10.2022 Löwenlauf Marathon Hachenburg Hachenburg Landscape run through the Westerwald
16.10.2022 Oldenburg EWE Marathon Oldenburg first part as a landscape run, second part on a 10 km route in the city center
16.10.2022 Dresden Marathon Dresden Route along the baroque highlights of Dresden’s old town
16.10.2022 Bottwartal-Marathon Steinheim an der Murr Landscape marathon at the gates of Stuttgart
23.10.2022 Stadtwerke Lübeck Marathon Luebeck City marathon between Holstentor and the Baltic Sea
30.10.2022 Mainova Frankfurt Marathon Frankfurt one of the fastest routes in Germany

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