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Was going to see the cinema with my daughter (10) – was met with “Do you struggle with sexual thoughts about children?” (Halden Arbeiderblad)
Marianne Svendsen took her 10-year-old daughter to see the remake of the well-known Disney film “The Little Mermaid”. She was shocked by the advertisement before the film started at the Halden cinema.

– It was a film where men clearly struggled with things. It read “Are you struggling with sexual thoughts about children? Call the helpline”.

Svendsen says that the 10-year-old daughter can naturally read and understand what was said. She believes that a children’s film is in no way the right place to advertise a helpline for people struggling with sexual thoughts about children.

– I was completely sick, says Svendsen.

You can see the advertisement in Halden Arbeiderblad’s case.

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Monica stumbled on this edge at McDonalds: – We lose a lot of the summer (Romerikes Blad)
Cohabiting couple Monica Nordvold and Per Magne Barlund from Skedsmokorset visited McDonalds in Kjeller on Tuesday evening. Little did they know that the visit would have painful consequences.

– I had received cold fries and went to complain about them. Then I tripped over an edge on the floor inside the restaurant and fell on my nose. The edge shouldn’t have been there, and it was impossible to see it, says Nordvold.

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The roommate Per Magne Barlund says that the edge is only about a centimeter high and that Nordvold fell face and shoulder first.

On the night of Wednesday, the cohabiting couple spent six hours at the emergency room in Oslo to have an X-ray taken. The answer she got was disappointing.

Lene warns against the discovery to her son Kasper: – Can have fatal consequences for children (Glåmdalen)
The tablet that her son Kasper found on the football pitch sent a chill down Lene Løkken’s spine.

– While Kasper was at the stadium watching a football match on Tuesday night, he discovered something on the ground that reflected. At first he thought it was a coin and picked it up, says Lene.

But the 12-year-old boy found no shiny silver coin at all.

– If a child had eaten the tablet, it could have had fatal consequences.

Knut wanted to pay the children a bit for cleaning up rubbish: – It was expensive (Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen)
Knut Røste Leganger-Krogstad challenged the children to pick up rubbish in Kvitfjell, for a modest payment. But it was going to be far more expensive than he had thought.

“I wish I could say there was a small amount of money at the kids, but unfortunately not,” he wrote on Monday evening on the Facebook page “Det sker på Kvitfjell”.

“The bags were quickly filled up, and I am indignant at how much rubbish has probably also made its way further into the mountains and which will be difficult to catch”, he added.

Leganger-Krogstad believes that more people should feel responsible, and mentions builders as well as cabin owners and tourists, whether they throw away waste, lose it or forget to pick it up the next day.

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