Chumphon Province Takes Action to Combat Dengue Fever Outbreak

Chumphon – Chumphon Province opens dengue response center After finding 305 patients, 4 times higher than last year, ranked 3rd in the South

Dr. Anu Thongdaeng, Chumphon Provincial Public Health Doctor Revealing the situation of dengue fever in Chumphon province that from epidemiological information Chumphon Provincial Public Health Office From January 1 to May 29, 2023, 305 cases were reported, no deaths were reported. The age group with the highest morbidity rate It is a group of children of elementary school age, with the top 3 being the age group of 10-14 years, followed by 5-9 years and 15-24 years, respectively. Come, Tha Sae District and Thung Tako District, which, when comparing the number of patients in 2023 with 2022 in the same period, was found to be 4 times higher. 11 of the country, ranked 3rd in the 11th district of the South

“It is expected that dengue fever will spread severely this year. The incidence of the disease has continued to rise since January. And the number of patients at the national level is higher than the median for the past 5 years, with the number of patients more than 3 times that of the previous year during the same period. And still found a widespread epidemic covering almost all areas in the central and southern regions. province especially in Bangkok and its vicinity Because it is an area with a high rate of population movement, the number of patients is increasing rapidly. Consecutive deaths of patients Most of the fatalities went to the hospital late for treatment. have congenital diseases or risk conditions, such as obesity and alcohol dependence, ”said Dr. Anu.

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Dr. Chumphon Provincial Public Health continued that measures are urgent to prevent the spread of dengue fever because the dengue fever situation is likely to increase and there will be a severe epidemic in this rainy season. The Department of Disease Control expects to find more than 10,000 cases nationwide per month between June and August. Therefore requesting cooperation from all provinces to accelerate the prevention of the spread of dengue fever.

Dr. Anu mentioned about the surveillance of dengue fever that Chumphon Provincial Public Health Office Opened a medical and public health emergency operation center. Since May 19, 2023, the center has been meeting every week by the Situational Awareness Team (SAT) to analyze the situation of dengue fever. together with survey data on mosquito larvae Target sub-districts with weekly reports of cases exceeding the median in the past 5 years and where the outbreak continued for more than 28 days. to expedite monitoring of disease control measures

In addition, there was an assignment to the District Public Health Office. Report the situation of dengue fever to the district chief. and the Provincial Public Health Office Report the situation of dengue fever to the provincial governor every week. to request support for accelerating disease control measures from local and other agencies related, including giving volunteers in the area to increase concentration in exploring and destroying mosquito larvae breeding sites and organizes campaigns to eliminate mosquito breeding sites continuously every week to cover all locations Especially hospitals, temples, schools, child care centers.

In terms of prevention and control of the disease, the disease control measures 3-3-1 have been implemented, consisting of patients being reported within 3 hours after the hospital has been found and the disease control unit instructing village health volunteers to eliminate breeding sites. Aedes aegypti larvae at the patient’s community home within 3 hours and send a fast-moving disease investigation team. Or SRRT to the disease control area within 1 day to limit the spread of the epidemic more quickly.

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