In the video.. Meteorology reveals rain this week and a drop in temperatures to zero

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Meteorological analyst Aqil Al-Aqeel said that this week will witness rain and a decrease in temperatures to zero degrees Celsius due to the air mass.

Al-Aqeel told Al-Ikhbariya channel: “Temperatures are expected to remain the same at this rate, and during the middle of the week, temperatures will rise slightly again, especially the lower ones.”

He continued: “We are expecting a cold airmass with temperatures below five degrees Celsius, and the National Meteorological Center will announce details of this situation later this week.”

For his part, the spokesman of the National Meteorological Center, Hussein Al-Qahtani, said that temperatures will hit freezing in the north of the Kingdom, and two to three degrees Celsius in the central region.

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