In search of a ticket eight teams to the semifinals of the San Felipe League – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Everything is ready to carry out the quarterfinal phase of the Second Force B category of the soccer tournament of the 2021 season of the San Felipe El Real League, where the 8 teams involved will be looking for one of the 4 tickets in dispute to access the semifinals.

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For now, the league board already has the schedule for this weekend, where, at 9 o’clock in the morning, there will be three interesting matches in this defining phase, since Guchasa’s team will be before the team of Sepromine in the field Aurelio Torres. Likewise, taking the Venceremos field as the stage, the representative of Asesoría Contable will be measured against the Deportivo Gallegos squad, while Chonitos Boys will have Ramón Garay’s team as a rival in the Deportiva Sur 8 field.

The quarterfinal day is complemented by the FC Forza and Seguros Argos teams, who have their duel scheduled at 11 a.m. at the Deportiva Sur 4 field.


First force B

Forza FC 6-0 Seguros Argos 0

Deportivo Gallegos 3-4 Guchasa

Sepromine 2-1 Rieza

Guachochi 0-3 Deportivo Garay

FIH 0-0 Chonitos Boys

Ramón Garay (Beats Guchasa 1 to 0 at the table)

Accounting Advisory 1-0 GCC

Once Caldas 0-1 New Roots



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