Party despite Corona in Brazil – “I feel great about denouncing these people”

In Brazil, hundreds of people celebrate festivals every day despite the catastrophic corona numbers. The Bolsonaro government is watching and playing down. A 25-year-old has had enough now – and exposes the partygoers.

Social distancing is not upheld here: Rio de Janeiro on December 31, 2020.

Social distancing is not upheld here: Rio de Janeiro on December 31, 2020.

Allan Carvalho (Getty Images)

Celebrate like there’s no pandemic. For many people in Brazil ist of course. This is shown by a 25-year-old journalist from the Brazilian city of Curitiba. On his Twitter account «Brazil Covidfest» he collects videos of Concerts and Parties in which People celebrate and dance closely. In addition, he publishes comments such as: “We fail as a society” or “scary recordings”.

Hospitals at the limit

The Corona situation in Brazil does not actually allow large gatherings of people where the virus can easily spread. About 8,3 Millions of people have already infected, more than 207’000 people are am lung pathogens died. Probably they are actual Pay much higher, i.e.he authorities hardly conduct any tests. In several cities, such as Manaus or Rio de Janeiro, the hospitals are kicking off your Capacity limits.

On December 30th, the journalist had had enough. Er published his first tweet, since then over 1500 posts have been added. Some people send him videos, some he loads directly from Content the party goers down, the videos from clubs on ssocial networks divide.

“You are putting the lives of others at risk”

For security reasons, wants dis Operator of the account stay anonymous, we’ll call him Pedro here. He denies whether he feels guilty about distributing videos without being asked. «I feel great about denouncing these people», said is in conversation. «You set life aothers at stake

And this is how Pedro collects videos: Whether a concert in a marquee in the state of Parà, a techno party in a club in Rio de Janeiro or a party on the ship in the Atlantic Ocean: ÜHundreds of people are close together everywhere. They dance, make a noise, celebrate without protective masks. The risk that these festivals will become super-spreading events is great.

Very legal superspreader events

At a big party in the state of Santa Catarina, the organizer was well aware of the risk he was taking. The party guests had to hand in their cell phones at the entrance. Still got it «Covidfest Brazil» to the recordings. Now the authorities are investigating against the organizer. However, not all festivals are prohibited. In some places, hundreds celebrate with the blessing of the local authorities.

Allowed or not: OWithout celebrating any protective measures at the height of the pandemic, is irresponsiblesays Pedro. He hoped he could raise people’s awareness and alert the authorities. «My job is trying to save lives

Bars and restaurants are full

Save lives. That would actually not be the job of a young internet activist, but die dit heads of state. And that is exactly the problem in Brazil. President Jair Bolsonaro designatede Corona einst when «klean flu». Although he was the same last yearst infected with the virus, he carries Rare a protective mask and makes over Mask wearer funny.

It is in large part Bolsonaro’s fault that many people are not taking the pandemic as seriously as they should: An some Places the beaches are full, ewell Restaurants and bars. Hardly anyone keeps their distance or wears a protective mask. Lots drive to work in full buses and metros.

Bolsonaro and the caiman

Most recently, Bolsonaro has also distinguished himself as the president of anti-vaccination campaigns. He has repeatedly said himself that he will not be vaccinated. He warned the population about the corona vaccine, which is manufactured by Biontech and Pfizer and is also used in Switzerland. “If you turn into a caiman, it’s your problem,” Bolsonaro said at an event. Of course, the right-wing populist didn’t mean that seriously. But is a pandemic the moment a head of state should tell vaccine jokes?

“If you turn into a caiman, it’s your problem” “: Jair Bolsonaro is not a fan of the corona vaccination.

Foto: Joedson Alves (Keystone)

So it is no surprise that Brazil is far behind in the international vaccination race. The government relies on the vaccine from AstraZeneca and the Chinese vaccine Coronavac. However, these are not yet approved. Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello announced yesterday that he would start vaccinating next week. Other countries in the region are significantly faster: Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica or Argentina have already started their vaccination program.

“Ambassador for Covid-19”

Pedro is given the situation became increasingly desperate. The failure of leadership highest Level is devastating. Jair Bolsonaro is that «Ambassador of Covid-19» and the situation «the hell». But it can get worse. Pedro fears gred Crowds im February. It is true Carnival in Rio, where millions celebrate together in normal years, canceled. But who knows whether everyone will stick to it. «Many people live in a parallel world»says Pedro. Many will to dance. And many will die.

Published: 01/15/2021, 11:26 am

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