In Kharkov, a man staged a fight with police on the roof of a house

Photo: NPU

The man attacked the police with a stick

A man in shorts, waving a stick, fought with the police, who tried to remove him from the roof.

In Kharkov, a half-naked man, wearing only shorts, with a stick attacked the police, who came to call the doctors. On Saturday, July 31, reports

The press service of the patrol police of the Kharkiv region said that the line “102” received a call from a specialized ambulance brigade. The doctors asked for help from the police, since they themselves could not take a man with an obvious mental disorder to the hospital. He behaved aggressively.

“Arriving at the place, on Ushakov Street, the patrolmen saw a man who was standing on the roof of the house. He was holding two unknown objects in his hands. He also verbally threatened the doctors and policemen,” the patrol officers said.

To detain the 39-year-old man, the police had to climb onto the roof of the house and grab him there. During the fight, two police officers were injured, they were hospitalized in a hospital.

The communication department of the Kharkiv region police reported that law enforcement officers began an inspection and opened a criminal case on the fact of threats or violence against law enforcement officers (part 2 of article 345 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

In Lviv, a stowaway passenger refused to pay the fare, had a fight with the driver, and then, when she was kicked out of the vehicle, threw stones at the bus.

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