In Chartres, L’Paille à sons is launching a crowdfunding campaign

The L’Paille à sons festival in Chartres is at a crossroads. In 2022, the poster, made up of major groups like the Wampas, had attracted more than 2,200 spectators, a record attendance.

A participation record for the L’Paille à sons festival in Chartres: back in pictures!

And now, what to do?? If it still wants to evolve, the festival must continue to program groups with strong notoriety. And there is room. The new site chosen – the Grands-Prés stadium – leaves all the latitude to progress.

Free pass

But you need a budget. To bring the artists, it will be necessary to find 40,000 €. The generosity of Internet users is called upon again. The organizing association, Les Sons du sous-sol, launched on Sunday a crowdfunding campaign.
Objective: raise €2,000 in just over a month.

The Festival L’Paille à sons de Chartres appeals to the generosity of Internet users

This is not the first time that the festival has asked its fans to put their hands in the wallet. This was already the case in 2017, with the same amount in mind.
In barely two days, the campaign has already reached a third of the amount requested, with more than €655 raised.

Depending on the participation, Internet users can be thanked with different rewards, such as a two-day free pass.

Remi Bonnet

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