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Imathia: A train passed through a guarded crossing with raised bars – 2024-02-22 04:13:31

Video from an automatic crossing in Alexandria Imathia is shocking. Seconds before the train passes, cars waiting at the automatic crossing, unattended, brake. They stop because they hear a driver shouting that a train is coming. The bar has not been lowered.

“The bars are open as usual and the train is passing through. Our death their life, Alexandria Imathia” can be heard in the video. The train honks and passes the shocked drivers.

What do OSE sources say?

OSE sources tell MEGA that in this particular case the regulation was not applied.

“Watching the video, the OSE found a regulatory irregularity regarding the coordination of operation of the said Automatic Level Crossing System and the train. That is, while the system was activated, the delay of the train’s approach to the Level Crossing had exceeded 3.5 minutes, a time that has been foreseen during the construction of the automatic system in question.”

The train drivers, for their part, reply that the backup systems were not activated to lower the bars.

“The reserve mine that exists for these cases right next to the crossing, for some reason was not activated. What we see in the video is that everything was done according to the regulation. In these cases, that is, the train will have to pass at a walking pace and with continuous whistles. He checks the road and if it is free, he slowly passes through.”

Residents complain that this new and extremely dangerous incident happened at a crossing where many drivers and students pass.

“See, here is a crossroads. Someone has to deal, people will be killed. I live across the street, over there. I held in my hands a dead child that was killed. You are welcome”.

An investigation has been ordered for the incident.

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