iFixit: A close look at the LiDAR of the iPad Pro

Still confined like many of us, hackersiFixit could not resist the dismantling of the new iPad Pro, but at home of course. The video proposed by the site confirms that the tablet of 2020 is very close to that of 2018. Moreover, its A12Z chip would simply be an A12X on which Apple would have “awakened” a sleeping graphics heart (read: For the A12Z, Apple would have simply activated the eighth hidden graphics core of the A12X).

One of the major differences is of course the LiDAR scanner which precisely measures the depth. iFixit has the good idea to film in infrared the point cloud projected by the component:

<video width=”1000″ poster=”https://cdn.mgig.fr/2020/03/mg-16874939-14ec-44ad-bcb3.jpg” controls=”” loop=”” muted=”” autoplay=””>video>

We also realize that this cloud has fewer points than Face ID. It is true that authentication of the face requires even greater precision.

The iPad Pro 2020 is just as complicated to dismantle as its predecessor, Apple having not given up the glue: replacing the battery (36.59 Wh, no change) requires removing the motherboard which is glued . The repairability rating is 3 out of 10, like the previous generation.


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