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BH Entertainment Actors Showcase Easy-Going Charm Behind the Scenes

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[OSEN=김수형 기자] BH Entertainment actors Park Bo-young, Han Ji-min, Han Hyo-joo, and Chu Ja-hyun confessed to their unexpected side and revealed their easy-going charm.

On the 30th, a video was posted on BH Entertainment’s official channel with the title, ‘What if BH actors who never miss eating and playing meet in one place? | BH group pictorial behind-the-scenes EP1’.

On this day, BH Entertainment actors gathered one by one. First, Park Hae-soo arrived, returned home, and prepared for filming. Meanwhile, actor Go Soo also prepared to film, and Go Soo was surprised, saying, “It must have been difficult to gather in one place, but this is the biggest schedule since Danang.” Lee Hee-jun also arrived, greeted Go Soo warmly, and talked about the latest news.

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After the male actors finished filming, the female actors arrived. Meanwhile, actress Han Ji-min arrived. Han Ji-min, who showed off her extraordinary beauty, went to see Han Hyo-joo and expressed her affection for her, saying, “I missed you.” Lee Hee-jun, who had lunch nearby, went around the waiting room for Han Ji-min and Han Hyo-joo and got to know the actors.

Then, actress Park Bo-young arrived. She exploded with freshness with her fairy visuals, going around the waiting room of her seniors and greeting them kindly, giving them a warm glow. Park Bo-young also expressed her expectations, saying, “I’m so excited about filming with her older sisters. I’m curious to see how it will turn out.”

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Actress Choo Ja-hyun also arrived. She also took care of her juniors by saying hello to her younger siblings. Choo Ja-hyun made people laugh by saying, “I’m excited to come out to Gangnam after a long time.” Next, Han Ji-min also visited Chu Ja-hyun, and they expressed their special feelings by exchanging greetings with each other.

We all decided to take a group photo together. Han Hyo-joo said, “It’s the first time I’ve met everyone this pretty, and there are days like this.” She laughed, “When we meet without washing up, and when I wash my hair, that’s the best thing I put on. It’s awkward because it could be the first and last time, but it’s okay to look like this.” The awkward look at each other’s beauty made me laugh.

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