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Biden took office as President of the United States on January 20. (Dazhi Image)

The U.S. Congress was “captured” by Sichuan fan demonstrators a few days ago, which caused huge ripples to the already unstable American society. Former Democratic Progressive Party legislator Shen Fuxiong believes that after Biden of the Democratic Party takes office, if the richness of the east and west of the United States is used to help the poor on both sides of the Mississippi River and the south, the grievances of the bottom whites can be eliminated. If it is effective within 4 years, the Republican Party will There is no day to turn over.

Shen Fuxiong said in a Facebook post that eliminating the grievances of the bottom whites is Biden’s top priority. The disease in the United States is terminally ill and intertwined. It is not a matter of words. It is not the division of North and South, nor the separation of east and west, but the vast red countryside surrounding the blue city. When the Republican Party was in decline, it found the current President Trump as a driftwood, but was kidnapped by the frenzied man, which led to the recent rebellion on Capitol Hill.

Shen Fuxiong believes that Biden has been given a heavy responsibility and he must heal a divided country. Although the causes are too numerous to mention, there is only one main cause: the growing gap between the rich and the poor makes it difficult for the people of the world to grievances. He has toiled all his life but has no hope for the future. Wealthy and powerful are listed in G1, but they do not have my share at all.

Shen Fuxiong suggested that the solution is actually simple. If the United States is rich, there is no need for him to ask for it. If the East and West are rich, the Mississippi River (except Minnesota) and the South are poor. If it works within 4 years, the Republican Party will not stand up. The day.

Some netizens believe that “the selfish Trump does not represent the value of the Republican Party at all, otherwise there will be no “Lincoln Project” old Republicans come out to oppose him (including John McCain’s widow). But modern people love the Sichuan style. The language is not amazing and the blindness of the vocabulary of the young five students, including the Republicans are not up to the point, so they have to drink poison to quench their thirst, and draw a vote of the right wing to support the Republican Party. Four years ago, I could eat and drink together, but now the tree is scattered. It’s also very unbearable to come to cut Trump.”

Eliminating the grievances of the white people at the bottom is Biden’s first priority. The disease of the United States is dying and intertwined. It cannot be done in two words. It is not the division of North and South, nor the division of East and West, but the vast red countryside surrounding the blue city. When the Republicans were declining, they found Trump as a driftwood, but they were kidnapped by this frenzied man, which caused the recent chaos on Capitol Hill. I thought…

byShen Fuxiongposted on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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