Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | Norway – Austria 5: 3, EDITING: Power play was not enough. Austria fell with the Norwegians after the Czech scalp

“A very important victory. It was a fight for key points for staying among the elite and we are happy that we managed it. The Austrians were close to a close in the end, but we were a little lucky today. Every tournament is different and I enjoy it. “We have a lot of young players in the team and it’s fun to play here,” the 35-year-old Norwegian striker Martin Röymark, who is starting at the 14th World Championship, told the IIHF website.

Norwegian striker Lilleberg got in the first chance in the 5th minute, but Kickerta did not beat. Ken André Olimb went on the puck and the Austrians opened the scoring at 6:48. Heinrich scored from the blue line and the goal was still judged by Lawrence and Štolc after the Norwegians’ coaching call confirmed the video, where they checked that Schneider did not attack Haukeland in the goal area.

The Norwegians were given a two-minute sentence, but in the end they could be happy for it. In weakness, Rosseli Olsen escaped and leveled. The situation did not change with the further expulsion of the Norwegians, as did the punishments of Schwinger and Thomas Raffl, in which Hoff had a chance at the end of the first part.

After all, Raffl’s penalty was scored by the Northerners, who turned the score to 2: 1. Just a second after his return to the ice, Martinsen, who got to the puck after Johannesen’s unfinished end, prevailed.

Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa, ČTK / AP

Mats Rosseli Olsen from Norway and Austrian Peter Schneider in a tough duel at the guardrailPhoto: Heikki Saukkomaa, CTK / AP

The Austrians took on a coaching challenge due to his contact with Kickert, but failed. The subsequent exclusion did not bring an increase in the Norwegians’ lead and in the 27th minute, during Krogdahl’s stay on the penalty bench, he erased the loss with a shot from the right circle over the defender Haudum.

Trettenes could immediately return the lead to Norway, but he did not hit the puck in front of the exposed goal. By 31:44, coach Petter Thoresen’s team was already rejoicing over a happy goal. Hag’s spotted shot bounced off Röymark’s skate behind Kickert’s back.

Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa, ČTK / AP

Martin Roymark from Norway scores his team’s third goal in the match against AustriaPhoto: Heikki Saukkomaa, CTK / AP

In the 43rd minute, the Austrian defender Wimmer was eliminated for five minutes and until the end of the match. Although Rosseli Olsen’s penalty shortened the long overtime, Schneider was also guilty and the Norwegians increased in a overtime of five against three thanks to Rosseli Olsen’s second goal in the match.

Afterwards, the Northerners defended themselves against Jakobsson’s punishment, but at Röymark’s expulsion at 56:12, Schneider reduced. Kasper had two chances to equalize, but he did not use them and 13 seconds before the end during the power play into the empty goal, Rönnild finished the result.

“We didn’t do what we said before the match. That’s how it turned out. We didn’t play what we wanted. We can win if we show our best performance, but we didn’t give it today. We lost. We played well in previous matches, but “I’m disappointed now. We’re sorry we lost this match,” said Austrian striker Marco Kasper.

Ice Hockey World Championship in Finland:
Group B (Tampere):
Norway – Austria 5: 3 (1: 1, 2: 1, 2: 1)
Goals and recordings: 8. Rosseli Olsen (KA Olimb), 21. Martinsen (Johannesen, Rosseli Olsen), 32. Röymark (Haga, Nörstebö), 48. Rosseli Olsen (Martinsen, KA Olimb), 60. Rönnild (Jakobsson) – 7. Heinrich (Wukovits, Schneider), 27. Haudum (Unterweger, Ganahl), 57. Schneider (Wukowits, Heinrich). Judges: Lawrence (CAN), Stolc (Switzerland) – Chaput (CAN), Obwegeser (Switzerland). Penalty: 6: 3, plus Wimmer (AUT) 5 min. and until the end of the match. Utilization: 1: 2. Weakening: 1: 0. Attendance: 6137.
Norway: Haukeland – Johannesen, Lilleberg, Krogdahl, Nörstebö, Rokseth, Klavestad, Kasastul – K. Olimb, Geheb, Rosseli Olsen – Röymark, Martinsen, Haga – Trettenes, Jakobsson, Hoff – Brekke Henriksen, Salsten, Rönnild. Coach: Petter Thoresen.
Rakousko: Kickert – Maier, Unterweger, Zündel, Heinrich, Wolf, Hackl, Wimmer – Lebler, Haudum, Kasper – Schneider, Nissner, T. Raffl – Feldner, Wukovits, Ganahl – Schwinger, Achermann, Huber – Brunner. Trener: Roger Bader.

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