Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 – hockey today Slovakia – Italy – Valábik and Gáborík – reaction

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On Saturday night, the Slovak national team managed to compete against Italy, which they defeated 3: 1, thus confirming that the “azure” has long been one of our favorite rivals. We have played a total of 7 matches against the Italians at the World Championships so far, all of which we have brought to a successful end.

“I think the boys played what they needed to do. In this match, we absolutely did not try to play nice hockey and win 10: 1, but we played exclusively for points. It was the second match in two days, so there was no room for us to play for the eye of the spectator.

The boys simply played what they had. I don’t think we’re worried about losing in this match. On Friday, I said that I was nervous during the match with Kazakhstan until the end. It wasn’t like that today, I trusted this team, ” evaluated in a post-match study RTVS Boris Valábik.

On Saturday, we were held in an existential match with Italy by two unlikely heroes and at the same time by two premier shooters at the senior World Championships. In the first period, only 17-year-old Adam Sýkora, who also became our historically youngest shooter at the World Championships, still hung beautifully. In the third twenty-minute period, the striker of Banská Bystrica, Alex Tamáši, added a goal fuse in the overtime.

“Today we have two goal debutants in the World Cup. At the same time, it is very nice to see their teammates taking the puck as a memorial to both of them. Juraj Slafkovský took it from Adam Sýkor and Samo Takáč from Alex Tamáš. That’s the team we’re talking about. The guys enjoy each other and that’s appreciated, “ complements Marián Gáborík.

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In Saturday’s match with Italy, Adam Sýkora became our historically youngest shooter at the World Championships.

Source: SITA / AP


On Saturday, the young Adam Sýkora was declared our best player, who scored the winning goal of the match at the very end of the first period. Marián Gáborík also agreed with the organizers’ decision to award the prize to our youngest skater.

“We talked about who our best player was and Boris said Adam Sýkora. Of course I agreed with him. After scoring, he could see the enthusiasm with which he was playing. Thanks to the scored goal, he gained even more confidence.

We could see that even after he was declared the best player of the match, the whole team patted him on the blue line and everyone was happy with him. It was a really beautiful goal. The cobweb in the corner of the gate is definitely no longer. ”

After two wins in a row, our representatives are now waiting for the well-deserved two days off, and on Tuesday a key match with Denmark will take place, which will definitely decide on the last quarterfinalist in our group.

“On Sunday, our hockey players will have a day off without training, during which they will relax mentally and physically. Then we need good training on Monday to get back to the pace of the match and on Tuesday we will have a match for everything, “ concluded by the co-commentator RTVS Vladimir Országh.

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