“I know that Arsenal have an excellent and organized group”

Arsenal has always stood out for being a club that looks for Promotion and gets a large percentage of its players from there. The first addition to this pass market is no exception: Joaquín Bigo will arrive on loan to Ass until the end of the year from Estudiantes de Río Cuarto.

The 1 is not the only player of the First National team that is in the highest category. The Lion of the Empire is a player trainer and that is very clear: Gastón Benavídez (Talleres), Nicolás Ferreyra and Bruno Sepúlveda (Barracas) and Nahuel Cainelli (Godoy Cruz) are the others. Lucas Suarez, current side of Ass, also came from Celeste. The new face that Leonardo Madelón will have, spoke with Ole and recounted the sensations he has.

-With what present do you arrive at Arsenal?

-Very good, six months ago I debuted and played most of the games, except the last one because everything was already arranged with Arsenal. I already traveled to Buenos Aires to sign the contract.

– Is it the first time you leave Córdoba?

-Yes. It is the first time that I come to Buenos Aires, I did all the Inferiores there in Estudiantes and the entire career in Córdoba. So this is my first experience outside the province.

-How do you think it will be to be away from the family?

-It’s going to be hard. I am a lot of to be with my friends and family, but well, now each one has to readapt, and I hope it is in the best way.

Bigo, arrive at Arsenal. (RC Students Press).

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-But they themselves supported you when Arsenal’s option came out, for sure…

-Yes, as is. First, the president of Students, Alicio Dagatti, called me and he told me that everything was already closed. And my family told me not to hesitate and go ahead, take advantage of it and that it is an important step for my career.

-It’s been six months since you debuted and you’ve already made it to the First Division. Did it go by quickly?

-I didn’t expect it, it was all very fast. We returned from Santiago del Estero (post defeat with Güemes) and they told me about the possibility, that everything was already given. I finished, went home, grabbed my things and started for Buenos Aires.

-Has anyone told you about Arsenal?

– No, for now I did not speak with anybody. Once the contract is signed, I will join the squad and I will contact the coaching staff.

-Did you come following Arsenal?

-I saw it, especially because of a partner I have there who is Lucas Suárez. So I am aware of the present of the team.

-Did you talk to him about your arrival at the club?

-Yes, we were talking to adapt as quickly as possible. He told me that it was an excellent and orderly group. I really want to start training there. I want to join the group and accompany from where I played.

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-You are going to have a tough competition with Medina, a goalkeeper with a lot of experience in the Ascent…

Yes, I know it will help me a lot. I have crossed him when he played in Quilmes and he is a very good goalkeeper. It will be a healthy competition.

-Which goalkeeper do you have as a reference?

-I liked Andrada a lot, but there are very good goalkeepers in First Division. Armani and Rossi constantly demonstrate.

It is the first time he has left Córdoba.

It is the first time he has left Córdoba.

-And now you get to First Class, and I imagine you won’t want to go anymore…

-I already fulfilled the dream of reaching First Division, and I hope I can establish myself. Even at some point I would like to reach that category with Students.

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