“I hope these doctors and police will lose their jobs!”

Quick review of the facts. On February 23, 2018, Jozef Chovanec was turbulent at Charleroi airport when he had to board the plane. The police intervene and take him to the cell. There the man bangs his head against the walls and must be restrained by the police. The CCTV images chill your spine: we see a young policewoman dancing, laughing, and performing a Hitler salute.

Jozef’s wife denounces: here is his testimony

We see the police leaning heavily and for a long time on Jozef Chovanec’s rib cage, we finally see a man motionless and bleeding in the hands of a laughing medical team … Today, Henrieta Chovancova, heartbroken, looks back on the ordeal she has been living since then.

These videos, when did you discover them?

The first time I saw them was in September 2018. It was excruciating and very painful to watch. I was terribly shocked by what I saw. I haven’t seen them since they first appeared in the media. But I hope this will help move things forward and that the investigation can be successful. I also hope that the doctors and police officers who were on duty that evening will lose their jobs. They do essential jobs and are supposed to help people. But my husband, no one helped him. No one showed himself to be human or wondered if a child was expecting his daddy that night.

►► Jozef Chovanec’s widow explains why she decided to reveal the videos

►► She is convinced that we do not have all said on this case



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