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“I don’t want to waste my time or your time.” The participants of the love show have made choices

On the evening of October 19, TV3 viewers could watch the fourth show of the dating show “Next Stop: Love”! Two couples started the acquaintance trip, but we met the third happiness seekers a week ago. Will any of the “blind date” couples approach the relationship?

In the fourth show of the show, 51-year-old Agris from Liepāja and 39-year-old Natalija from Jāņupe, 23-year-old Leina from Riga and 27-year-old Māris from Kuldīga tried to find love, but we got to know 28-year-old Dāvis from Aluksne and 28-year-old Ieva from the third show.

Does sex in a relationship get better over the years? Meets the love show Agris and Natalia

Also this time, in awkward moments of silence, a “love radio” appeared, which led the participants to perform various tasks, as well as asked spicy questions.

The topic of sex, friendship between men and women, and jealousy in relationships were discussed.

There was no activity, which helped one of the couple to demonstrate themselves – Māris bought a gift for Leina in the store, but Agris and Natalija determined each other’s body parts only with touches – blindfolded.

In the show “Next Stop: Love” Dāvis will try to win Ieva’s heart by singing a hit

When they reached their destination, the couples had to choose whether to continue dating or not.

Agris and Natalia said to each other – YES and continued their dating at the guest house and SPA.

The man emphasized that he had been interesting during the trip and that the hours spent together had been perfect.

“If, I’m ready to continue, I had an interesting trip, we have a lot of hobbies in common, many things interest us both. Already driving, I felt that it would be mutual, ”smiles Natalija.

Dāvis wanted to continue the meeting, but Ieva surprised the boy by saying – NO.

The participant of the show did not hide that he really likes Ieva and he wants to get to know him better.

“Unfortunately, I have no sympathy. As a person, I really like you. I immediately realized that it was not mine, but I hoped that the date would be successful, as with a person, not a potential loved one, ”says Ieva.

Davis was embarrassed by the rejection, but added that the day was colossal.

Maris was ready to continue getting to know Leina, but the girl did not want to continue the evening.

“I’m not sure right now, so I don’t want to waste my time or your time. I didn’t feel completely, either it hasn’t met now, or the conditions are not right, ”sums up Leina.

Watch the next show on October 26, 21.40, TV3!

How do you rate the participants in Next Stop: Love and their choices?

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