‘I did everything I could’: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who were on the verge of divorce, reveal the truth about their marriage

A documentary series on the love story of scandalous Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle will soon see the light of day. The first official trailer of the film has been released online.

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Streaming service Netflix has released a teaser for the upcoming documentary about the lives of the Dukes of Sussex. The exact name of the project is still unknown. Initially, the picture was supposed to be called “Heads”, but then it was decided to abandon this option. Now two more titles appear in print: “Harry and Meghan” and “Harry and Meghan: A Royal Love Story.”

The video turned out to be very intriguing and exciting. Uses black and white footage from Harry and Meghan’s personal archive. They capture the most memorable moments of their love story: acquaintance, marriage proposal, marriage, pregnancy. In the upcoming documentary, Murray Fraser plays Prince Harry and Paris Fitz-Henley plays Markle.

“Nobody knows what happens behind closed doors. I did everything I could to protect my family,” the prince says in the trailer.

The docu-series is expected to finally destroy Prince Harry’s relationship with his father, brother and the rest of the royal family. In the photo, the dukes will reveal all the secrets of the palace and explain why they decided to move to the United States and renounce their royal powers and duties. The exact release date of the series is still unknown.

Note that recently the Dukes of Sussex are trying to lead a closed lifestyle. They rarely appear in public together and hardly show their children to the public. Meghan Markle made an unfortunate mistake the other day showing his son to his friends via video link. The still image, which immortalizes the face of adult Archie, immediately spread on the net.

However, they say that the former actress took this step on purpose – in this way, allegedly, Megan wanted to draw attention to herself and whitewash the family. Royal fans and pundits have repeatedly reported that things aren’t so smooth between Prince Harry and his wife, presumably a high-profile divorce isn’t far off.

Source: Netflix.com

Photo source: Legion-media

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