She underwent plastic surgery Mayada El-Hinnawi, with youthful radiance and indescribable freshness

Mayada Al-Hinnawi, a number of social media pioneers, released a new image of herself, in which she appeared with younger features, as if she had performed a series of plastic surgeries 20 years ago with more radiance and freshness.

Meyada Al Henawy
Mayada El Hennawy before the new look
Mayada El Hennawy before the new look

Mayada El-Hinawy .. the story of the old photo

Beautician Samer Braitea has revealed the fact that artist, Mayada Al-Hinnawi underwent plastic surgery after Lebanese plastic surgeon, Nader Saab mistakenly posted before and after pictures of her of plastic surgery in recent times.

Mayada El Hennawy, the singer of the generation

Mayada El-Hinnawi has been called the singer of the generation, and has been ranked first among Arab singers, as she used to sing in her childhood and was rediscovered by musician Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab when he heard her voice in one of his evenings to the Bloudan resort in Syria, who wanted to visit and relax every summer, where Abdel-Wahhab was a personal friend of one of the ministers of Syria, who was the husband of the artist Mayada El-Hinnawi in 1977. During the evening, the musician of generations heard Mayada’s voice and expressed his great admiration for her beautiful voice..

Mayada Al-Hinnawi has a uniqueness in the world of music and singing, as she is the first Arab singer to release her songs on laser discs, and musician Al-Sunbati said of her: “I am happy, because I started the my life with Umm Kulthum, ending with Mayada Al-Hinnawi.” He gave her the melody of his poem “Ashwaq” and the melody of his masterpiece “An Hour of Time“.And the great musician Baligh Hamdi wrote two songs for her namely “I Love You” and “Love to Kan” both written by Mayada Al-Hinnawi and Mayada Al-Hinnawi, the first Arab singer to record her songs with the song system, which allows you to record the melody on one song and sing on another song, and the Palestinian poet Rami Abu Salah, composed a poem for her on the anniversary of her birth, and many others have given her titles wonderful for the splendor, originality and refinement of his art.

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