Into You: Making Waves in the Global Market with the 2023 MAMA Music Festival

From November 28th to 29th, the 2023 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) will be held as scheduled at the Tokyo Dome. As one of the most influential music festivals in Asia, the 2023 MAMA takes “ONE I BORN” as its theme, hoping to fully demonstrate the unique personality of musicians through breakthrough performances and move towards a broader world stage. As the only cosmetics brand cooperating with 2023 MAMA in China, INTO YOU will use the Color Empowerment Ceremony to jointly interpret the new definition of color play and fashion with MAMA, and push the charm of domestic cosmetics to the international stage.

It is worth noting that INTO YOU and your color spokesperson Song Yuqi, whose group (G)I-DLE won the most popular global performing female group at MAMA in 2023, vividly interprets the brand’s “confident fashion sense” ——Whether you are in or out of the spotlight, you can easily shine in every moment by applying it.

Online and offline omni-channel linkage, detonating high potential of brand communication

It’s also excellent at sea. At the star-studded ceremony, INTO YOU set up an offline theme booth with you, displaying four popular items: “Heroine Lip Mud, Air Lip Mud, Water Refracting Lip Glaze, and Space Mud Lipstick.” In addition, gashapon devices, peripheral products, etc. were also placed on site. There was a huge crowd in front of the exhibition area, and many fans and viewers came to interact and check in. Experts such as Long Mengrou and Ishikawa Shoryu immersed themselves in exploring the power of color in the exhibition area and shared it on social media, helping INTO YOU go global and enter the eyes of more overseas consumers. INTO YOU has successfully become the king of popularity with its unique color charm, bringing dual sensory pleasure of color and music to the audience.

In addition, in order to better demonstrate the vitality of domestic cosmetics brands to the world, INTO YOU will link up with you through online and offline media channels during the ceremony to carry out all-round and multi-dimensional communication. Online through MAMA’s global official SNS account, official website, and digital content, it reaches a large number of young users gathered at the MAMA Asian Music Festival.

Through the combination of online + offline communication, INTO YOU strengthened the density of INTO YOU’s brand information during the festival with strong brand exposure, and increased the brand’s popularity among the people of the Z era. Brand exposure enhances the brand’s influence in the international market. By cooperating with the 2023MAMA Music Festival, INTO YOU’s products have set off a trend of domestic makeup among overseas consumer groups. INTO YOU shares the brand’s color creativity with users around the world, conveys the brand’s color concept, and lets more people see the charm of domestic makeup!

Seize the opportunity for domestic products to go overseas and strive to become the top trend in China

Data shows that the Japanese and Korean markets are the best choice for emerging brands to enter the Asian market. They are also the regions with the highest sales among domestic cosmetics brands in overseas markets. This time INTO YOU cooperates with you and the 2023MAMA Asian Music Festival to take advantage of the “land grab” period when domestic products go overseas to seize the future market developed by the global cosmetics market in the Pan-Asian region. Leveraging MAMA’s extensive influence in overseas markets, domestic cosmetics products will be introduced to the world, striving to become the most popular.

Before the 2023 MAMA ceremony, INTO YOU has already brought domestic cosmetics to overseas markets and actively participated in overseas activities such as the 2023 KCON LA music festival and the 2024 New York Fashion Week. INTO YOU set up an exclusive booth at the 2023 KCON LA music festival, and the atmosphere was warm. The most creative thing is that INTO YOU specially designed a “lipstick wall” at the KCON booth. Everyone tried INTO YOU products and left colorful lipstick marks on the wall, making INTO YOU’s booth the focus of the event. In addition, INTO YOU will appear at the 2024 New York Fashion Week. As the only designated makeup brand for the pragmatic pioneer fashion brand 3.1 Phillip Lim’s spring and summer show, INTO YOU will measure the skin and make makeup for the models. It is not only an encounter between fashion makeup and fashion, It is also a wonderful collision between domestic brands and international trends.

Create products with care and let domestic products go overseas. INTO YOU, a domestic cosmetics brand, has set sail with you many times and completed several outstanding overseas trips. Since INTO YOU formulated its global strategic layout in 2021, it first focused on Japan as the first overseas market, and also actively used this as a springboard to enter the European and American markets. Up to now, INTO YOU has completed the establishment of online official independent websites in many countries and regions around the world, promoting domestic cosmetics to a broader international market.

As a cutting-edge domestic cosmetics brand, INTO YOU is always on the road to self-expansion, continues to surprise the industry with continuous innovation, and leads the way for domestic cosmetics brands to go abroad. In the future, I believe that the INTO YOU brand will continue to exert its talent in color making, maintain its ingenuity, and continuously break through the boundaries of makeup with products. Starting from China, it will influence the world and let the world see the power of color.


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