“I am proud to have sent Juve to Serie B, we could have revoked 10 Scudetti. The second team we should have investigated was Inter …”

Giandomenico Lepore, former head of the Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office, spoke to Radio Punto Nuovo: “I have a merit, conscious or unaware, like it or not, that of having sent Juventus to Serie B. We wanted to re-found corrupt football. investigation had to hit all the teams, including Napoli that could be involved, the second team that had to be examined Inter, but L’Espresso published the wiretaps and the phones began to be silent, it was a way to stop, they wanted to avoid investigate all football “. We wanted to change football, they blocked us. We had found a way to re-establish football. If we had done 10 years of interception and not 2, perhaps Juventus would have seen as many championships revoked. Juventus-Napoli question? The FIGC protocol seems to me exaggerated and wrong, but this protocol itself has a clause where it speaks of interventions by state and local authorities. So, if the ASL of Naples has intervened, in fact, the postponement for the prevalence of the public health provision on the protocol should be automatic. Juventus, if Gianni Agnelli was present as president, would not have missed the opportunity to agree to postpone the match. It also safeguarded the interests of Juventus itself: president De Luca is right, because he safeguarded Juventus itself. 3-0 at the table? If Napoli appeals, obviously they win. There is still a lot to do to clean up Italian football. “

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