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Sugar substance obtained from the nectar of plants, the miele it is characterized by numerous and interesting benefits. However, there are cases where it is good not to eat it. Which ones are they? What are the reasons why honey is good for health? In this article, you can find all the answers to these questions.


Benefits of honey

There are several reasons why honey is good for health. As evidenced by several scientific studies, this food is able to stimulate concentration. Furthermore, honey could be a valuable ally against problems such as anxiety and stress.

Not to be forgotten is also its ability to positively influence intestinal and intestinal health microbiota in particular. The antibacterial properties are also noteworthy, which also have positive repercussions on the skin. It is no coincidence that honey is often used as an ingredient in cosmetic products.

This antibacterial efficacy makes honey a very valid natural remedy against the effects of seasonal affections (eg cough and sore throat). From the point of view of the nutrients present, we find calcium, a fundamental mineral for the health of bones and teeth, but also potassium, essential for blood pressure regularity and, consequently, for the cardiovascular well-being.

A dutiful mention must be dedicated to vitamins of group B, in particular riboflavin and niacin. Their intake can prove invaluable in improving the efficiency of the metabolism. Delicate but still effective laxative, honey, as is well known, can be of different types. The main distinctions concern the nectar.

Also not to be forgotten is the color (blonde honey vs white honey). Another alternative to consider when it comes to types of honey concerns the extraction method. In this case, we can speak of virgin honey, pressed honey and centrifuged honey.

When not to eat honey

There are cases in which it is good to avoid taking the miele. In this category it is possible to include cases of allergy to dust mites. Those who live in this situation, in fact, may have to deal with a potentially dangerous cross-allergy to health.

Among other cases where it is good do not eat honey o strongly moderating the quantities are included in slimming and ketogenic diets. In different situations, honey can also be used as an alternative sweetener to white sugar or artificial solutions for different drinks.

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