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I also used to be of a different religion

Jakarta, Insertlive

Presenter and comedian Close again reminded of his love story with his wife Nathalie Holscher after giving his blessing to his son Rizky Febian’s relationship with Mahalini.

Sule admitted that he gave his son permission to date Mahalini who follow a different religion because they want Rizky to be happy.

“Well, I’m a parent following what the child wants. If the child is happy, we follow it,” said Sule in a video on YouTube.

Love story lived Rizky Febian or Iky with Mahalini it turns out to make Sule remember Nathalie’s love story first.

As is known before marriage, Sule and Nathalie adhere to different religions.

“I’m also of a different religion. Finally converted to Islam, and I didn’t force myself. Before I met he wanted to be a Muslim, so maybe he helped me with his soul mate, how do I talk to his family because he’s afraid. ‘That’s belief, you shouldn’t be afraid. if you believe in religion It’s okay to do it, if not don’t,” he said.

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