Hyundai has begun to question whether it is worth partnering with Apple on the Apple Car electric car

MacRumors with reference to the agency Reuters reported doubts on the part of Hyundai’s management in cooperation with Apple. Earlier it became known that the carmaker is considered by Apple as a contractor for the production of electric vehicles.

Image source: MacRumors

According to published data, the prospects for a deal between the parties have become less promising. Hyundai executives are divided over the partnership with the tech giant. As it turned out, if Apple starts working with the carmaker, Hyundai will be engaged in the production of cars according to the design developed by Apple, without the possibility of collaboration at the design stage. In a similar way, the company is engaged in the production of computers and mobile equipment: Apple designers and engineers come up with the appearance of devices, hardware layout, and then transfer technical documents to contractors such as the Foxconn plant in China, where the devices are assembled. In this case, Hyundai is considered just in the key of the production conveyor.

This goes against the vision and business strategy of some Hyundai executives, as they noted in an interview with Reuters: “We are not a company that makes cars for others. I doubt that cooperation with Apple can produce any good results. “.

As an anonymous source told MacRumors: “This is a really tough choice for Hyundai. I am afraid that the board of directors of the company will have to reconsider the composition of the management in the near future “.

As noted, despite the reluctance to work with Apple, Hyundai has excess capacity that could provide the required volume of production under a contract with the Cupertino giant. It is reported that Apple could use Kia to build components such as bodies, powertrains, and more, with Hyundai as the final assembly contractor for the electric vehicles.

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