Hurt Marie: A Feud between Mother and Daughter Threatens the Farm

Hurt Marie: A Feud between Mother and Daughter Threatens the Farm

Marie didn’t deserve this. She transferred the estate to Blanka, thinking that she would take care of it. She didn’t expect her daughter to flood it with tourists and destroy it. Their feud affects the whole family when Pešek blows the whistle on a birthday party. After the conversation with Tomášek, Julie stalks Kristýna, but it doesn’t help her much.

Hurt Marie is clear, Blanka wants to destroy the farm

Maria’s outburst about possible changes at the farm surprises Blanka unpleasantly. Kristýna understands her grandmother, the farm was like another child for her. She needs time to absorb the news. However, Marie will not be any calmer on Friday, in fact, quite the opposite. He meets with Blanka to discuss the whole matter, but instead they start going around in circles.

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Evžen is not called sir at the farm, so according to Marie, she has no right to plan anything there. Well, yes, but the property was transferred to Blanka and she already has the right, doesn’t she? Why did mom even give it to her if she won’t let her change anything? Undoubtedly, so that the daughter could properly take care of the home that Marie had worked so hard for so long. Instead, he wants to destroy the farm by letting complete strangers and unscrupulous tourists into it! ok if that’s the case So Blanka has the farm transferred back to mom. He doesn’t intend to continue arguing pointlessly, but his statement will touch Mom very much.

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I’ve been waiting for that, says Marie, and prefers to leave.

The family is divided, Peška’s celebration is cancelled

Due to an argument between Maria and Blanka, everyone else’s plans suddenly change. The day before, Marie had persuaded Vlastimil to organize a birthday party at the farm, and now she suddenly comes with the information that she will not be attending any of the celebrations herself. She wouldn’t be able to pretend everything was fine. Plus, he doesn’t want to spoil his brother’s birthday. Pešek isn’t much for celebrating anyway, and so on decides to cancel the event completely and instead just has a drink with friends at the pub. When Blanka learns about the canceled celebration, she complains to Veronica about her mother’s impossible behavior in the salon. Everything always has to be her way, but this time it won’t be!

Vlasta invites the whole pub for shots. | Source: TV Nova

Smug Julie pulls out her claws again

Kristýna won’t have a very peaceful day either, because Julie pays her an unexpected visit and starts intimidating her right at the door. Did the girl really think she was going to gain anything by hooking up with a journalist? Julie is determined to withstand everything that Kristýna throws at her. The poor little girl has never been able to do anything by herself, she can only cry at her parents and beg for help, but Julie is strong, experienced and will never give up!

Previously, Kristýna would probably have been more affected by such evil, poisonous words, but now she does not let herself be thrown off and driven away. On the contrary, her determination to break up with Julia will grow stronger, especially after Tomášek assures her that he has the full support of the editor-in-chief and can use the interview with Julia that he recorded in the store. Soon she will get into the article and show the world what the Pope really is.

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When the girl returns home after a hard day, she tells her mother that she would like to move to the farm for a while, take care of the garden, the sheep and Jolana’s horses. He seriously needs a change of scenery.

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