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Hunger in the world, the problem now affects 280 million people and the number of children and women is increasing: war is the main cause

ROMA – Therefore I am 281.6 million people, in 59 countries, are seriously affected by acute food insecurity. The number of humans facing these conditions every day increased by 24 million from 2022 to 2023. In 32 of the countries surveyed, more than 36 million children under five suffer from acute malnutrition, a condition that causes growth, hinders physical and mental development, increases the risk of contracting fatal diseases, muscle atrophy up to the inability to move and then death.

Devastating crises in Gaza and Sudan. Severe escalation of conflict in Sudan since April 2023 and in the Gaza Strip since October 2023 has led to devastating food crises. Action against Hunger is present in the countries with the greatest numbers of people facing high levels of food insecurity and calls on global leaders to act urgently.

The Global Report. According to Global Report on Food Crises published today, therefore, the number of people facing high levels of acute food insecurity is growing for the fifth consecutive year. The report, which analyzes 59 countries affected by food crises globally, is published by Global network against food crises, founded by the United Nations and the European Commission. World hunger has reached dramatic proportions: Action against Hunger calls on the global community to take urgent action to meet growing humanitarian needs, while addressing the structural causes.


“Stop wasting time.” It is the appeal with which the organization calls global leaders to act, starting with the G7, making specific recommendations to them, which citizens can support this link.

1) Ensure the protection of civilians from hunger and life-saving humanitarian action in conflicts.

2) Financing for the climate and for the transition towards sustainable food systems.

3) Social protection policies to defeat poverty and inequalities.

4) Institutional financial support for food crises in emergency and prolonged crisis contexts.

Everything confirms the enormity of the challenge. Says Simone Garroni, director of Action Against Hunger: “The increase, for the fifth consecutive year, in the number of people experiencing severe food insecurity confirms the enormity of the challenge of reaching the goal ‘Fame Zero‘ by 2030. In addition to the intensification of conflicts, inequalities and the climate crisis, which represent the causes to be removed, the decrease in humanitarian funding and the increase in costs represent a further threat, which has already led to a reduction the number of people helped and the quantities of food aid allocated to populations in conditions of food insecurity. The international community – added Garroni – must act urgently to prevent millions of people from dying of hunger”.


Especially girls and women suffer. In 32 of the food crisis countries studied, more than 36 million children under five suffer from acute malnutrition, of which almost 10 million suffer from severe acute malnutrition, which is the most lethal form and the main cause of mortality childish. The report also confirms that malnutrition affects girls and women disproportionately compared to the male population, further confirming that inequalities, including gender, are themselves causes of hunger.

The intensification of conflicts in 2023. According to the Report published today, wars and conflicts were the main cause of hunger in 2023. In fact, they represent the predominant factor in food insecurity for 135 million people in 20 of the countries examined. In 2023, in fact, food crises have intensified alarmingly in areas affected by conflicts or situations of internal violence, such as in Gaza and Palestine, in Sudan, in Haiti, where Action against Hunger has been operating for many years.

To Gaza. 50% of people are at imminent risk of famine. People go days and nights without eating and 81% of families do not have access to safe, clean water. Current levels of humanitarian assistance are not sufficient. Action Against Hunger reported that some people eat animal feed such as hay and straw. The situation in Gaza is unprecedented. Help must be prioritized before more people diesaid Natalia Anguera Ruiz, operations manager of Action against Hunger for the Middle East.

In Sudan. More than a year of conflict has left one in three people severely food insecure, with five million people facing emergency levels of hunger. Sudan is facing one of the world’s largest humanitarian crisessaid Samy Guessabi, national director of Action against Hunger in Sudan. The conflict has forced 8.2 million people to flee their homes. Countless families across Sudan, as well as refugees in neighboring countries, have no food and shelter. Without urgent, life-saving assistance, many could die. However, only 5% of appeals have been funded, leaving many Sudanese facing a grim future“.

Ad Haiti. Half the population, or nearly five million people, face high levels of food insecurity, with 1.64 million people on the verge of famine. Weeks of gang violence have forced hundreds of thousands of families from their homes and disrupted imports. Markets limited food and price inflation led to extreme desperationsaid Martine Villeneuve, national director of Action against Hunger ad Haiti.

What is Action Against Hunger. It is an international humanitarian organization inspired by the principle according to which every person must have the right to a life free from hunger. Specialists for over 40 years, they predict the onset of food crises and malnutrition, treating their effects and preventing their causes. The NGO is on the front line in 55 countries around the world and is able to help around 28 million people in emergency situations every year.

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