Huang Weijin’s Amazing Wolverine Outfit Shocks Wei Ruxuan on ‘OH Night DJ’

Huang Weijin’s Amazing Wolverine Outfit Shocks Wei Ruxuan on ‘OH Night DJ’

Original title: Huang Weijin’s outfit is too amazing waa Wei Ruxuan exclaimed: I dare not look directly at you

Huang Weijin released a new single “Companion” and was a guest on the Hit Fm network “OH Night DJ” waa Wei Ruxuan’s show on the 25th. However, as soon as Huang Weijin appeared, Wei Ruxuan exclaimed: “Sir, who are you?” Huang Weijin was dressed in “Wolverine Wolf” “The costume shocked everyone. From the hairstyle, beard to sharp claws, he was 100% faithful to the movie character. It turned out that he came to the radio station to promote it as soon as he finished recording the show. Huang Weijin said: “There was no time to take off the makeup! He came right after the video was over!” Wei Ruxuan His face was full of questions, why did he dress up as Wolverine? Huang Weijin said, this is a Halloween costume. Wei Ruxuan said with a smile that the Mid-Autumn Festival has not even arrived yet, but Halloween is already being celebrated? Huang Weijin responded: “That’s what variety shows are like. You have to record and save them in advance for special holidays. It’s very hard!” Wei Ruxuan saw Huang Weijin’s dress and couldn’t help but said: “You are the only one in disguise, so I will add bunny ears.” Don’t be Wolverine today, be Wu Gang! I am the Jade Rabbit! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone!”

During the program interview, Wei Ruxuan couldn’t help but say that she really couldn’t look directly at Huang Weijin and chat because she was not used to looking at Huang Weijin in a white vest and that fake beard, which made her very anxious! Huang Weijin asked, what happened to the vest? What happened to the beard? If it were Wolverine Hugh Jackman himself in front of Wei Ruxuan, it would be impossible not to look at it, right? Wei Ruxuan said that it really couldn’t be done. She felt that wearing a vest was a very private look and could only be worn at home, not in public. In addition, Huang Weijin’s fake beard looked very much like hair on a certain part of the body, which made her say: “No. Su Hu!” In order not to hurt Wei Ruxuan’s eyes, Huang Weijin took off his makeup while being interviewed during the live broadcast. He took out cleaning tools to tear off the fake beard, remove glue and remove makeup, while chatting with Wei Ruxuan. Fans left messages one after another, Weijin really has no words. It’s the ultimate, you can actually see this scene in the live broadcast, this episode is so rich and beautiful!

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Wei Ruxuan congratulated Huang Weijin on his “three blessings”. Not only did he release a new song “Companion”, but he will also hold the “CreaLife Live Tour” concert in Hong Kong for the first time for two consecutive days. In terms of the program, Huang Weijin also performed “Hello!” “The Furry Kid” was shortlisted for this year’s Golden Bell Puzzle and Reality Program Host Award. Huang Weijin said: “In fact, I often forget that I was shortlisted. In addition, there are many hosting partners who were shortlisted together, so the pressure and nervousness are dispersed. The most important thing is It’s because everyone has no sense of gain or loss; this reality show is mainly about taking care of the furry babies. They are very simple and focused on bathing the furry babies, grooming their hair, and enjoying the interaction with the furry babies. I didn’t expect that it would be recognized by the judges. I am sincerely grateful. !」

The new single “Companion” is the legacy of Huang Weijin’s 2021 “CreaLife” album. He said that he often thinks of the melody of this song. This song comforts him when he is in a low mood. In addition, many fans are singing the new song. , and fortunately the song still exists and has not been sold to anyone else, so the song is officially put on the shelves. Wei Ruxuan said, this song is calling you, waiting for you, you have chosen each other! The new song “Companion” was composed by Qin Xuzhang, the leader of the Night Watch, and co-wrote the lyrics with Huang Weijin. The so-called “companion” is different for everyone. What Huang Weijin wants to convey in the lyrics is “It is easy to fall in love but difficult to get along with each other.” Two people After people who have loved each other separate, that love will not disappear. It will remain in each other’s hearts in another form. Even if they have a new partner, it will still be stored deep in their hearts.

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Huang Weijin said that this is a psychological state that can easily be broken down. This song wants to accompany people who have such an experience and comfort their hearts. Wei Ruxuan felt like crying and laughing as she listened. She said, “Obviously Huang Weijin was talking about a sad state, but he was taking off his makeup while talking. I didn’t know how to concentrate. I felt so complicated!” And halfway through removing his makeup, Huang Weijin He also suddenly screamed and scared the on-site staff. It turned out that he accidentally pulled off his real sideburns when he was tearing off his fake beard, which made everyone laugh so hard.Return to Sohu to see more


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