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The mainland singer Hua Chenyu previously revealed that he and Zhang Bichen had a daughter, and the interaction between the two people became the focus of attention from the outside world. Since Hua Chenyu is a well-known rich second generation in the circle, even breakfast can cost tens of thousands of yuan, so Zhang Bichen is willing The purpose of being an unmarried mother is to marry into a wealthy family. Recently, the man not only has a new love, but also paid 200 million yuan (about 860 million Taiwan dollars) as a settlement fee. It is rumored that he does not want Zhang Bichen to enter the house.

Hua Chenyu was exposed by fans. Although the official claimed that he was single, he actually had a new love. The target was Fan Boyi, a student of “Tomorrow’s Son 3”. The two traveled to Japan together in October 2019. In the past, Fan Boyi also had a suspected PO. The photos displayed in Hua Chenyu’s home are declaring sovereignty, and entertainment reporters pointed out that after the two people were dating, Hua Chenyu often took her little girlfriend to fly abroad to work. After it was revealed that she had a child, the little girlfriend was even more clamoring. Standing.

Hua Chenyu’s new love was revealed to be Fan Boyi. (Picture/Flip from Weibo)

Since the members of the Huachenyu family run mining companies and have family assets of more than 10 billion yuan, he has already used a bumblebee to travel during his college years. Huachenyu has also posted a high-end breakfast. The main meal is high-quality sirloin with red wine and the dessert is top-quality bird’s nest. Adding high-end ice cream, even the tableware is worth a lot, and his residence in Beijing has also been dug up. The flat-screen TV in the living room alone is worth 600,000 yuan (about 2.6 million Taiwan dollars).

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Hua Chenyu once exposed his own high-end breakfast.  (Picture/Flip from Weibo)
Hua Chenyu once exposed his own high-end breakfast. (Picture/Flip from Weibo)

Therefore, there is a saying on the Internet that Zhang Bichen originally wanted to use his daughter to force the marriage, but Hua Chenyu did not want to be tied up by marriage. The two people will agree to raise their 2-year-old daughter together without marriage, and the man paid to comfort his ex-girlfriend. A large amount of settlement expenses can continue to maintain the single person setting. After the news was exposed, netizens could not help but angrily criticize, “I originally admired Hua (Chenyu), but she was simple and hardworking and talented, but now it disappoints. male”.

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