Thai League soccer ball It will be open for viewing from March 2, 2021, starting with just 25%.

The Thai League reiterates this week, it is not open for entering the stadium until March 2 and has to wait for the NCPO to approve all teams’ competition plans After seeing football fans neglect after the BEC revealed that relief measures were prepared Let the fans enter the field On Tuesday, February 23, the past Thai League Co., Ltd. sent a letter asking for details. On measures to comply with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Before telling each club to make a plan To collect and send to Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports continue to evaluate.

Recently, on February 25, 2021, Thai League Company Limited had a meeting with the Thai League 1-3 club to clarify and discuss the format of competition. COVID-19 situation period After the epidemic management center Of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (FES) is taking measures to relieve the audience in the field With competition officials And the club representative joined

Kornwee Priyanantakun Acting Executive Officer of Thai League Co., Ltd. said, “On Tuesday. After the announcement came out of the Thai League, the Thai League sent the book to SAT and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. In order to ask about the measures for organizing the competition Because of these measures Need to come out from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports As a moderator, it is for this reason that we are unable to announce an immediate entry into the field. And the plan has to be submitted to the ministry for consideration, so we are not yet able to open it to audiences this weekend. ”

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“The things that ADC worries are in the past. Some stadiums have images displayed via live broadcasts. That football fans do not wear masks No distance Which is a big and risky matter If what happened And causing the football match to be stumbled While we are about to end the season just one more month Will be the damage that affects the entire football industry “

“Therefore, before opening it to the fans. Therefore, it is necessary to talk, understand, define measures including strict plans. For this reason, before they can be opened for visitors. Must be informed first That there will be strict procedures for the BEC to see the intention to follow the measures In order not to make football the cause of the disease outbreak “

Each club must make a plan to organize the competition. With an audience of each field Send to the Thai League by March 1 for the collector to SAT and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports

“Now, we aim that every Clubs will be able to host matches with an audience of 25% of the stadium capacity. Starting from 2-4 March and during the 7-10 days there will be representatives from SAT and the Ministry to assess the organization of each club competition. How strictly the plan was followed “

“If passed the assessment determined by SAT and the ministry, it will be considered to increase the audience to 50% starting in mid-March. Also have the right that the club will return to the closed competition until the end of the season “

“You can see that the return to open the field this round The government sector is quite strict. And there are concerns that various football fans That went to see Futbol on the field Will it be able to follow the measure? This is an opportunity for football to show its potential. How strict we can be Requires cooperation from the club As a competition organizer And of course Most importantly, all football fans. To cooperate, take measures to enable your sponsored clubs to host more competitive matches, ”concludes Mr. Rawee.

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