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How to wear a medical mask? | HEALTH

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According to the federal Ministry of Health, you cannot wear the same mask all the time. This is very dangerous since you can infect yourself twice.

Another feature of medical masks is actually unprincipled, which side to wear them inside.

For the mask to be truly effective, it must be worn correctly. Here are the basic guidelines:

  • the mask should be carefully fixed, tightly covering the mouth and nose, without leaving gaps;
  • try not to touch the surfaces of the mask when removing it, if you touch it, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or alcohol;
  • wet or damp mask should be replaced with a new, dry;
  • do not use a disposable mask again;
  • the used disposable mask should be immediately discarded;
  • A regular medical mask must be changed every 2 hours.
First of all, maxi is needed for employees of hospitals, ambulances, public transport workers and strategic enterprises.

When caring for the patient, after the end of contact with the sick person, the mask should be removed immediately and hands thoroughly washed.

In this case, a mask is needed if you are in a place of crowded people, in public transport, as well as in patient care.

Please note: outdoors it is not practical. On the contrary, it is useful to breathe fresh air while on the street and you should not wear a mask.

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