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Are you already talking with your coffee cup out of sheer boredom? Time to visually refresh your home office.

Many have been working at home for several weeks. High time for a change of scenery! So that you don’t have to renovate your entire apartment right away, we have put together accessories that will quickly make your four walls look quite different.


Most have probably noticed by now that the apartment is not the perfect office. The lighting conditions in particular are often rather unfavorable. With small portable lamps you can easily bring light into dark corners. And sometimes a new lampshade does it.


We currently advise against a wall prank campaign, because bringing more chaos into the apartment would be rather bad for the house blessing. With a few new prints you can bring color into your home quickly and easily.


Perfect for rolling on the floor during an existential crisis! And with different shapes, carpets quickly add some variety to the familiar environment. Colorful colors open up the room optically and upgrade old furniture.


Why not experience something exciting and sip from a new cup? Your flowers will also be happy to have a new home. And fresh lemon water in a pretty jug makes your home office selfies even more beautiful.


Are you tired of your sofa cushions after all the netflixing and chilling? With new pillowcases, the sofa looks as if it has been replaced. Even a pretty blanket can work wonders. (friday)

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