How to Make a Cheap Car Cabin Quieter


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Thursday, 07 Dec 2023 10:22 IWST

Tricks to make the car cabin quieter. (CNN Indonesia/Adhi Wicaksono)

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A quiet cabin is every owner’s dream mobil to be able to listen to quality audio, chat more relaxed and not shout so that it is comfortable for passengers who want to use the interior of the car as a place to rest during the trip.

However, not all car cabins are quiet enough to withstand noise from outside. Generally, only cars priced at IDR 300 million and above have a quiet cabin. There are several ways to make the cabin quieter.

To make your own car soundproofer, we must first know the location or part of the car where you want to install the silencer.

1. It is recommended to use a combination of these products to achieve maximum attenuation. This dampening material absorbs sound waves, eliminates resonance, and reduces vibration.

2. Add weight to the panels using damping mats. This will help with the panel’s tendency to vibrate causing unwanted noise.

3. Place dampening mats between 2 door panels that are close to each other, to help reduce vibrations within the space between the 2 door panels.

4. Place a damping mat in the engine compartment to reduce rattling noise. The mats contain a backing of metal foil to increase the mat’s heat resistance allowing them to stay close to the heat of the machine. Apply using contact adhesion glue found at a local auto shop.

5. Fill small spaces using spray or foam spray. These dampening materials expand as they cure, allowing them to push against nearby panels creating dead joints that absorb and disperse vibration energy.

Sprays and foams can be used around doors and engine compartments, but be sure to check your specific spray or foam label to verify.

6. Measure the door panel and carpeted area along the floor where you will apply the damping material of your choice.

Types of car soundproofing


Asphalt soundproofing is stiffer than jelly. Therefore to install it, you need a heater and also glue. Car soundproofing has several advantages because it can reduce noise better.

This dampening material is heavier. To install asphalt sound dampening on the door, you must use 2 layers of asphalt dampening weighing around 2.4 kg. Therefore, reducing noise from asphalt can make the car heavier than before.


Another type of car soundproofing that is in great demand is the jelly type silencer. Jelly type dampers are more popular because they are lighter in weight. To meet the need for soundproofing on car doors, you only need to use a jelly type silencer weighing around 1.4 kg.

Meanwhile, the jelly type damper is easier because the installation process does not require any more adhesive. The jelly-shaped sound absorber has been coated with aluminum foil which functions to reduce heat.

Foam or foam

The isolator damper is shaped like foam. This silencer functions to block sound originating from noise sources. This sound dampening material is very suitable for reducing sound in the cabin, but cannot be used to reduce heat caused by the engine, citing Daihatsu’s official statement.


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