7 Ways to Care for Remote Keyless Motor

Jakarta – Many of the latest motorcycles are now equipped with a keyless system. The keyless system makes the operation of the motor easier, because there is no need to insert the key into the key housing. Just carry the keyless remote in your pocket or bag, then turn the knob, the motor can be […]

Signs It’s Time for the Elderly to Avoid Driving

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Driver ability elderly will decrease. Such as slowed motion, reflexes, concentration and limited vision. When the driver has entered that phase, you should reduce or even avoid driving activities. If forced, it will endanger yourself and other road users. We as the closest family should be aware of it by recognizing […]

How to Adjust the Height of Car Headlights

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Highlight the headlights or headlamp car that do not match the potential to reduce the driver’s vision towards the front. Adjust the direction of the lights so that they are right on target, because in addition to improving vision, they also do not interfere with drivers from the opposite direction. Here’s […]

10 Characteristics of Troubled Cars

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The legs of the car including tires, rims, suspension are susceptible to damage which has the potential to reduce driving comfort. Car legs are generally used for a long time depending on the conditions that affect their strength. For example, tires and suspensions and their supporting components can suddenly wear out […]

How to Park in a Narrow Place That Is Not Easy for Beginners

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Parking can be a challenging activity and drain the mind and energy for driver beginner. Sweat due to tension can be dripping more profusely if the parking space is narrow. It’s normal to be tense, but you are advised not to panic because it can even make the wrong decision. The […]

How to ‘Turn on’ Motorcycle Spark Plugs in Urgent Situations

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Problems that are not uncommon for motorists are components spark plug suddenly died. This condition makes the ignition of motor nil, causing the engine to not start. This matter is not difficult to overcome. We just need to replace the spark plugs with new ones. However, if the situation is urgent, […]

Beware of Fire, Here Are 5 Safe Ways To Install Car Accessories

Jakarta – Often car owners are not satisfied with the standard appearance of the car they bought. Therefore, not a few car owners modify their cars with accessory additional. However, installing accessories can void the warranty, it can even be fatal to a fire. For that, you cannot rush to install the desired accessories without […]

Pay attention to these important steps before installing car accessories

AFTER When buying a new car, usually someone wants to buy additional accessories for his car. It was intended to make the car look cooler, and attract attention. But, in installing accessories, you don’t have to be in a hurry, because there are several things that must be considered. Also Read: Easy and Safe Tips […]