How to buy coal at PGG? New in the PGG online store from August 17th. Lower coal prices in PGG

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How to buy coal at PGG? From 17 August, the inclusion of the product in the basket guarantees the purchase of coal. Check out how coal prices have risen in the PGG store

How to buy coal at PGG? In fact, it has been almost a miracle so far. It is true that the prices of coal in the Polska Grupa Górnicza e-shop are 3 times lower than the market ones, even if they have also risen recently, but to buy coal you had to look for it for several hours, usually without success. On August 17, information about a software update appeared on the PGG store website, aimed at improving the shopping process. Will anything change in practice? More in the article.

Important: the warranty of the cart in the PGG store from August 17th

The following basket guarantee information appeared on PGG’s website on August 17, 2022.

“In relation to we wish to inform you about the modification of the PGG shop softwarethat if, after you have successfully added the goods to the cart and the lack of possibility to complete the transaction (eg logout), it means that our servers may be overloaded, please be patient and log in again later. The product successfully added to the cart will wait for the purchase to be completed on that day by 11:59 pm. After this time, it will be removed from the cart. “

That is, after changing the software anyone who manages to add a product to the cart has the guaranteed purchase of the product. Of course, as long as you can finalize the purchase on the same day by 23:59. So far, adding to the cart has not meant that the product can be purchased.


  1. Coal prices in the PGG shop
  2. What kind of coal to buy from PGG? It is not possible!
  3. Scammers are another problem in purchasing coal from PGG
  4. Qualified PGG Coal Suppliers: Will they be?

Coal prices in the PGG shop

Coal prices in the PGG store are significantly lower than market prices, albeit recently salts. For example, the price of Ekogroszek Karlik or Pieklorz, which in the last shopping session (last week) cost PLN 840 per ton, it is now 1220 PLN. We are talking about ecological bulk coal, because bagged coal is even more expensive, around 200 PLN. This is a significant price increase. But people are still looking for coal in the PGG e-shop, because the market prices are also 3 and 4 times higher.

Therefore, you should know that from August 17th you can apply for a carbon allowance – the current application template for download.

The problem is that to buy coal in the PGG online store you need a stroke of luck, and certainly a lot of time and patience. The store usually cannot withstand the load, the pages are blocked and the goods are still missing. There are many times more willing to buy coal available for heating for families.

In the screenshots below from the PGG store you can see how prices have changed from 8 to 17 August 2022.

What kind of coal to buy from PGG? It is not possible!

Coal is placed in the PGG e-shop only twice a weekTuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm and is available while stocks last, which is lightning fast. Although PGG states that the company’s entire daily production of heating coal for households is currently destined for sale in the available distribution channels, namely the e-shop and directly to the mine, there is still a shortage of coal.

Coal Purchase Limits at PGG

When you buy coal in a PGG store, you need to know that you can only buy it 5 tons of coal in bulk. This limit applies in conjunction to all customer purchased coal assortments available at the point of sale during the period 12 months. For 24 hours, this limit is 2 tones.

You have to be patient when buying coal from PGG. This often takes several hours and most fail. People can search for charcoal in an e-shop for weeks. Even if you manage to access or even throw the coal in the bin, the purchase still ends up in a fiasco.

The PGG e-shop website usually stops working when the sale starts. Attempts to re-enter the e-shop end with the display of the message: the maximum number of simultaneous transactions has been exceeded.

PGG ensures that it is working on the constant development of the online sales channel so that its effects are better, but so far without results.

Scammers are another problem in purchasing coal from PGG

PGG recommends that when making purchases in the online store, pay particular attention to the link that leads to the e-store and not to use the link sent by other “buyers”. It also warns against fake SMS messages informing that the coal has been placed on the store shelf with a link to the store: PGG does not send SMS messages to its customers.

Recently, fake SMS messages regarding coal harvesting have appeared quite often among PGG’s customers. There have been cases when clicking on the link sent to the alleged coal sale resulted in the loss of several thousand zlotys.

PGG reminds you that all information and messages are published only on the company’s website or on its official profile in social networks. While shopping, it is worth checking if the store’s website has the correct address

Qualified PGG Coal Suppliers: Will they be?

In order to supply coal at PGG’s set prices and avoid the often unfair coal price increase of the middlemen, a network of qualified coal suppliers had to start operating in August. They were to replace licensed coal depots and operate franchises. PGG remains the owner of the coal sold in the warehouse belonging to the network of Qualified Coal Suppliers and PGG will determine the prices of the coal. In June, the hiring of warehouses interested in entering the PGG coal sales system was announced. The announcement ended on June 27.

Our sales experience to date convinces us that the optimal solution will be the further distribution of coal through the online shop with the simultaneous improvement of the goods receiving logistics thanks to the implementation of standardized transport services. By introducing the formula of qualified coal suppliers, we will guarantee a uniform standard of logistics services and guarantee the lowest possible transport prices – explains Tomasz Rogala, President of PGG.

The network of Qualified Coal Suppliers is not yet operational. The company informs that all notifications are still being verified.

Bogusław Ziętek, head of Sierpnia 80, says PGG-qualified coal suppliers do not exist and will not be there. He believes that PGG’s requirements regarding partners are impossible to meet. And this is the obligation of monitoring, insurance or adequate infrastructure.

The unionist also warns that coal will certainly be lacking for individual and municipal consumers in Poland this winter.

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