how the world community reacted to the shelling

The EU, CSTO and Russia called on the parties to de-escalate and ceasefire. The Russian Defense Minister announced his readiness to make efforts to stabilize the situation.

The aggravated situation between Azerbaijan and Armenia caused not only a deterioration in relations between the two countries, but also a reaction from many world leaders and countries. About it informs BBC.

EU reaction

President of the European Council Charles Michel said that he had a discussion with both parties to the conflict. He called on Azerbaijan and Armenia to de-escalate the situationand also cease fire.

“Tough situation in the region – the EU is committed to working with partners to overcome tensions for a prosperous and stable South Caucasus,” Michel said in his publication.

At the same time, the press service of the Azerbaijani president noted that the Armenian authorities “are deliberately aggravating the situation in order not to fulfill the agreements within the framework of the trilateral statements of November 9, 2020 and January 11, 2021.”

And Armenia declared that the world community should not remain indifferent to the actions of Azerbaijan against sovereign Armenia.

Russia’s reaction

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held telephone conversations with Armenia and Azerbaijan. The publication of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia states that Azerbaijan’s actions are a violation of the provisions of the trilateral statements of November 9, which endangers the entire negotiation process. Shoigu pledged his readiness to make efforts to end hostilities, as well as the exchange of prisoners of war.

The Azerbaijani side noted that they managed to resolutely suppress all Armenian provocations on the border. Shoigu also announced his readiness to make efforts to stabilize the situation.

CSTO reaction to hostilities

The CSTO, which includes Armenia, said that there were no appeals from Yerevan… The organization is monitoring the development of the situation. It declares an exclusively political and diplomatic way of resolving the conflict.


In both organizations called for a peaceful solution to the conflict… The OSCE expressed concern about the fighting and called for de-escalation, while the UN called for restraint. At the same time, the UN Security Council will not meet due to the situation on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border.

It should be reminded that it is the third time Azerbaijan and Armenia have exchanged accusations of destabilizing the situation. Now the conflict has entered a hot phase. Yerevan turned to Moscow with a request to provide assistance in protection from Azerbaijan. Otherwise they turn to NATO for help… In the same time there was a Turkish UAV over Armeniamonitoring the situation at the border.



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