How many kandas have returned to Kazakhstan since the beginning of the year

news-id-111681" style="display:inline;">More than 8,000 ethnic Kazakhs have received kandas status since the beginning of 2023, reports citing the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population.

“As of June 1, 2023, 8,034 ethnic Kazakhs returned to their historical homeland and received the status of kandas. In total, 1 million 115.1 thousand ethnic Kazakhs have returned to the republic since 1991,” the Ministry of Labor said.

More than half of the kandas (54.2 percent) who arrived in Kazakhstan since the beginning of the year are from Uzbekistan, 20.1 percent from China, 11 percent from Russia, 6.4 percent from Mongolia, 4.9 percent from Turkmenistan and 3.3 percent from other countries.

The ethnic Kazakhs who arrived mostly settled in:

– Almaty (27.8 percent);
– Mangistau (12.8 percent);
– Turkestan (6.4 percent);
– Zhambyl (4.8 percent);
– Astana (10.7 percent);
– Almaty (8.8 percent);
– Shymkent (7.1 percent).

As of June 1 of this year, the number of ethnic migrants of working age is 67.5 percent, 23.8 percent are people younger than working age and 8.7 percent are pensioners.

Of the kandas of working age in terms of education level, 17.3 percent have higher education, 37 percent have specialized secondary education, 38.4 percent have general secondary education, and 7.3 percent have no education.

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