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How far will the VSU missiles reach: the targets in our cities should prepare a Russian rebellion – 2024-02-23 18:04:31

/ world today news/ Ukrainian armed forces attack Donetsk. They hit Novorossiysk. The threat of renewed attacks on Belgorod remains. And not only. The United States has given Kiev the green light to launch missiles wherever it wants. And the European Union has banned absolutely nothing in terms of its ammunition. And Ukraine expects new deliveries of “winged death” in the near future.

Russia has requested a meeting of the UN Security Council on the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine on January 22. The situation is more than serious: while the West is demonstrably furious about the supply of ammunition to us from the DPRK, the West’s own missiles are hitting Russian cities. And not only those who were not lucky enough to remain part of Russia after the fateful 1991.

It is necessary to draw the attention of the foreign community to such a dichotomy of the New World Order. Because the “respectable partners” are already ready to “throw” at Kiev cruise missiles that can reach the center of our country. Of course, they cannot be stopped by attracting attention – they will definitely find demagogic formulations to justify their intentions from the high tribunes of the UN. But let the world know.

The US government has signed an act providing a $700 million military aid package to Ukraine. It also includes HIMARS artillery mounts. Ukraine will get an artillery weapon with a greater range than now. The question of the distance and the place of the shot will be decided independently by the VSU,– said the US ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink relatively recently at a briefing in Kyiv.

Although back in September of last year, the Americans forbade Kiev to fire HIMARS on the territory of “old Russia”. But in the countries of “old Europe” – Germany, France, as well as in Great Britain and others – Ukrainians are not prohibited from anything. There were simply internal discussions on the topic: whether or not to supply such weapons to the Kiev regime. And, obviously, these discussions are gradually approaching a common denominator – supply.

Hits without serious effect?

The Telegram channel of the Ukrainian edition “Strana.ua” – “Politics of the country” – commented on the rocket attacks on Belgorod that began shortly before the New Year, recalling the already half-forgotten by society, but still not disappeared military strategy for war with Russia.

The document in the form of an article was published in early September 2022 by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny and his current deputy (and then MP) General Mykhailo Zabrodsky.

The second key point of the described strategy is striking with long-range missiles. Including on the territory of Russia. According to the authors, Russians are not yet against the war because they do not fully understand its cost “in all senses”. Therefore, Ukraine’s goal is “to make these sensations sharper for us, despite the significant distance to the goals”,

– reminds “Politics of the country”.

At the same time, the media wonders about the effectiveness of such strikes. And they conclude that from a purely military point of view, they will complicate the situation in the rear of our army, since the Ukrainian armed forces will be able to launch missiles at a depth of several hundred kilometers, hitting barracks, command posts, warehouses of the Russian army, as well as military enterprises , energy facilities and “other critical infrastructure”.

However, even if Russia, possessing a huge stockpile of missiles, was not able to paralyze the vital activity of the Ukrainian rear, “shut down” the energy sector and the economy as a whole, then it is even less likely that Ukraine will be able to do this on attitude of Russia. At least considering the size of its territory,

– note the authors of the Telegram channel.

And indeed, it is enough for Russia to recall the experience of the Great Patriotic War, when the most important strategic enterprises were moved beyond the Urals. And there is only one question: why hasn’t this been done yet? Well, apparently, as always, we will do it at the last minute, already under fire…

Another issue being considered by the Ukrainian media is Zaluzhny and Zabrodsky’s bid to shake up the situation inside Russia. Here, Country Politics notes that there are “no guarantees” that this card can be played.

The reaction of the Russians to the shelling can be the exact opposite – growth of anti-Ukrainian sentiments, support of the theme of “war until the end”. Using these sentiments, Putin can, for example, announce a new wave of mobilization that will sharply worsen the balance of forces of Ukraine at the front,

– notes “Country Policy”.

And he reminds us how the terrorist attacks carried out by Ichkerian fighters during the war in Chechnya, on the contrary, led to the “consolidation of society around Putin and the strengthening of his power.”

Novorossiysk – be ready

Nevertheless, both Kiev and the West decided to try. And evidence of this is the increased shelling of Donetsk and regular attacks on Belgorod. And also a test attack against Novorossiysk, where after the defeat by the Ukrainians, the Black Sea Fleet was relocated from the strategic sites in Crimea.

A single blow was successfully deflected – what more can we say? But the significance of this strike on Novorossiysk is more important than the series of strikes on Belgorod. Because the attacks on Belgorod are PR, and the attacks on Novorossiysk are a NATO military strategy,

– says the political scientist Yury Baranchik.

According to the expert, the strike with a single missile on the naval base in Novorossiysk was of a test nature. And this was not a PR or provocation before the presidential elections in Russia, but an inspection by the Ukrainians and the West of the work of the Russian air defense in this region.

The task of the British, who are behind the attacks on the Black Sea Fleet, is to reveal the air defense system and begin to destroy the supply of the fleet by “locking” it in the bases and at the same time causing damage to the ships. Constant attacks in this regard are effective and will certainly continue,

– the political scientist is sure. According to him, the population of the city must now be prepared for new attacks by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Strikes against Black Sea Fleet bases are one of NATO’s promising war zones with Russia. The destruction of the Black Sea Fleet is the main task of Great Britain, and she has already begun to solve it,

And he believes that it is possible to respond effectively to this only by seizing the initiative from London. “Through the Houthis or by friend way, it doesn’t matter.’ Otherwise, we will not defend our own positions in the Black Sea. But “catching all missiles on approach is a bad strategy.”

They will reach the Moscow region

Tsargrad decided to ask the military expert, retired captain first rank Vasily Dendikin, which cities of “old” Russia, with the exception of Belgorod and Novorossiysk, could be attacked by Western missiles.

Tsargrad: Are Ukrainian armed forces already using US-supplied missile systems to strike Belgorod?

Vasily Dandikin: No, so far they have hit Belgorod with the Ukrainian analogue of our “Smerch” – MLRS “Fork” with cluster ammunition. And from the Czech modernized version of “City” called “Vampire”. Which is very difficult to take down, it is small caliber. It does not fly far, 40-50 kilometers. Such is the “gift” from the Czechs. But this is already a habit for them, they supplied weapons to Hitler until May 5, 1945. And now they too (VSU – note ed.).

But the Ukrainians have also been using Western missiles for several months now.

– Yes Let’s take the American ATACMS – it’s a ballistic missile with a range of up to 300 kilometers. It is launched from a HIMARS launcher that carries up to six missiles. And they were already shooting at us with it, and ours were already taking it down. This missile is not the latest and, as far as I understand, its downing is not the most difficult task for our air defense.

The Anglo-French Storm Shadow and SCALP missiles are causing us the most trouble. The latest, British-French development, reaches up to 300 km. These are cruise missiles, they fly at low altitude and maneuver. They are quite hard to knock down.

They were also the ones that flew in the Kerch area, Feodosia and the Sevastopol area – I think they were also used to attack the fleet headquarters. The rocket is expensive. And the fact that our air defense is now destroying these missiles in large numbers is very good.

Is there anything in the Western arsenal that the Ukrainian armed forces have not yet used?

– The German TAURUS rocket flies 500 km. And she’s also, shall we say, quite malicious. I think that the Germans, under the pressure of the Americans, may start supplying it to the Armed Forces.

So after that, even Belgorod can be considered only as a “warm-up” for the enemy?

– Yes, most likely this is just the beginning. And, apparently, Zelensky does not hide this. Intensive strikes on Crimea will resume, and then it will be Novorossiysk, where the ships of the Black Sea Fleet are based. And further into Russia, all the way to the Moscow Region – they will be able to get there with the Taurus if they enter service in Kiev.

What other regions could become potential targets for Western missiles?

– First of all, this is my native Bryansk region. Including the city of Bryansk and everything that accompanies the military-industrial complex in it and the region. Of course, Kursk region. They study Lipetsk. Krasnodar Territory. Rostov region. And along with peaceful targets, they will hit airports, warehouses and fuel-lubricants.

And, of course, the factories that produce ammunition and weapons. These are their goals. The hybrid war has not been canceled either: their goal is to sow panic and distrust in the country’s leadership. They understand that the elections are in March, until then they will be active. And the West helps them, despite the statements that it seems that there are no more funds, but somehow they have enough shells to shell both Donbass and Belgorod region.

Can Russia defend itself against this?

– I have long been talking about the need to create a protective buffer strip along our borders – these are Bryansk region, Kursk region, Belgorod region – tens of kilometers, it is simply necessary.

It is necessary to take all measures not only for the development of air defense, but also for the destruction of the Western “armagans” – both on the way of delivery and in the places where they are stored and from where they are launched. And, of course, the massive missile attacks on enemy territory must be continued. Because the enemy will do everything to harm us in some way and cause maximum damage.

So what?

2024 began for Russia with shelling. They are not ubiquitous and not everyone feels them. But apparently the West and its Ukrainian minions will make every effort to make every Russian feel the war. On your doorstep. Whether they will succeed or not is a separate matter. But everyone should be prepared.

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