How did Louis de Funès appear in a Marvel movie?

It seems completely improbable and even downright impossible since the very first Marvel movie, Iron Man was released in 2008, 25 years after the death of the favorite French comic. And yet, yes, Louis De Funès did appear in a superhero film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

You may have seen it and yet I’m pretty sure you haven’t noticed. Louis de Funes, died 40 years ago on January 27. And for good reason, it is not him that we see but his name! At the very beginning of the film, Captain America who was cryogenized must make up for lost time and get back up to date of the 2000s. So on a small notebook, he noted the important things he missed during his 60 years in the freezer and among other names, he wrote Louis de Funès, but also Coluche, France 98 or Daft Punk.

In fact, to stick to each country where this Marvel film was released, a contest had been organized on social networks with fans. They were asked to choose a list of significant events or personalities from the past decades. And so the name of Louis de Funès came out in the most cited, which proves his popularity regardless of the generations. And he was then chosen to be in the film.

For the record, in the United States, it was Steve Jobs and the first man on the Moon who came out on top, in England, Sean Connery and the Beatles and in Spain, Rafael Nadal. That said Captain America could recruit Louis de Funès in the Avengers because he is a superhero of the audience. In April 2019, The big mop found herself facing Captain America : Cival War on TV at 8:50 p.m., well it was Funès and Bourvil who beat Iron Man and Spider-Man.

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