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Housekeeper gets tip of 1800 euros. The dinner bill was 20 euros

Danielle Franzoni, a restaurant waitress in Alpena, Michigan, entered the year 2020 with a surprise in the wallet. On the last day of last year, she met a couple in the restaurant where she works and the bill was 23 dollars, about 20.5 euros. The astonishment came when Danielle saw the tip they left: anything like 2020 dollars, (over 1800 euros)

“Happy New Year,” wrote the anonymous couple on the bill, which also read the phrase ‘2020 Tip Challenge’. The tip value was identical to the numbering of the year that now began.

Franzoni didn’t want to believe it and even asked his boss if it wasn’t too good to be true: But the tip was really real. “Things like that don’t happen to people like me,” Danielle Frazoni told Alpena News, quoted by CNN.

2019 was a difficult year for Franzoni, a single mother of three children and a recovering drug addict. She moved to Alpena to “start” her life again, explained the woman, who had been living in a homeless center a year ago.

With the generosity of customers, Danielle can already see a brighter future and has even moved into a new home. “I’m going to build a future because of this,” he said, thinking of retrieving his driving license and putting the rest of the money into his children’s future.

The generous act that prompted Franzoni to receive 1800 euros appears to resemble another tipping challenge, the “Tip the Bill”, which took shape in 2018. Customers were encouraged to tip 100% of their account value in order to surprise the employees who served them.

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