“Chiang Mai” found 1 additional person infected with COVID-19

Chiang Mai Province found an additional COVID-19 infected with the same work history as two infected women on Dec. 1.

Today (5 Dec 2020), the Chiang Mai Communicable Diseases Committee announced the results of a COVID-19 screening test in Chiang Mai province, found one additional person, a 26-year-old Thai woman, working at an entertainment venue Tachileik Province Myanmar He entered the country on the natural border with 43, 44 COVID-19 patients, who arrived in Chiang Mai Province on 30 Nov 2020 and received the first COVID-19 test. On Dec 1, the results were not detected. But to quarantine to see symptoms in a state-designated quarantine facility

Until December 3rd, there was a low fever, a slight cough, so samples were collected for testing again And the results confirmed that the infection By this patient There were five low-risk people who were in detention to watch for symptoms.

For tomorrow (6 Dec), the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office in collaboration with the Office of Disease Prevention and Control 1, Chiang Mai will organize a biosafety vehicle. Screening for infectious agents Exposure groups from 09.00 hrs. Tesco Lotus area, Kamthieng branch and 13.00 hours at Siriwattana market area.

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