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House sparrow again most seen by bird counters, concerns about greenfinch


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More than 1.5 million birds have been observed so far this year at the National Garden Bird Count. 120,000 people participated in the Bird Protection initiative.

As always, the house sparrow is in first place and was seen 344,000 times, followed by the great tit at two (216,000 times) and the blue tit at 141,000 times at three.

This year, extra attention was paid to the greenfinch, because this finch-like bird occurs less and less in urban areas. In 2008 the bird counters still saw a greenfinch in more than a quarter of the gardens, now in only five percent. The number of greenflies per garden also decreased, from an average of 4.5 to less than three.

No shrubs

The Vogelbescherming thinks that the decrease is due to the lack of shrubs, in which the animals like to breed. “But the yellow disease, which is often spread through the feeding tables, also seems to play a role in the decrease,” says the organization. Further causes are being investigated.

“In the meantime, Vogelbescherming advises greening the gardens: for example, replace the fences with hedges. And when you feed, clean the feeding place thoroughly with hot water once a week,” is the advice.

Fewer counters

Fewer bird counters participated this year than in previous corona years and there were also fewer than previously expected. Last year there were more than 170,000 participants and in 2021 there were 165,000. In 2020, just before corona, there were 90,000.

The bird count is not quite over yet. Counters can report their results until 12 noon tomorrow.

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