The police detained a Muscovite at the airport and tracked her trips to the toilet for two days: the result was stunning

The girl carried almost half a kilogram of cocaine in her stomach.

At Vnukovo International Airport in the Russian capital, customs officials were suspicious of a 23-year-old passenger who had flown in from Istanbul.

As informs Telegram-channel Baza, x-ray transmission showed that in the insides of the girl there is a whole bunch of some kind of bundles.

A Muscovite, accompanied by police, was taken to the hospital, where for two days law enforcement officers tracked her trips to the toilet. As it turned out, not in vain.

The result stunned the police – 90 black bundles with an unknown substance fit in the stomach of the passenger of the plane. They were sent for examination and it turned out that the smuggler carried 446 grams of cocaine in herself.

Now she faces up to twenty years in prison.

Recall that the Spanish police seized more 4.5 tons of cocaine worth more than 100 million euros on the Togo-flagged cargo ship Orion V en route from Colombia. Smugglers hid illegal cargo in livestock feed.

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