Horrified! Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pregnant Women Can Cause Miscarriage

Suara.com – Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) is a dangerous disease, especially if it occurs in pregnant mother. The disease can cause miscarriage or the child was born prematurely.

Internal Medicine Specialist, dr. Rohma Triana said that sexually transmitted infections are serious diseases that can cause complications in pregnant women.

“The process of transmission of this disease can occur due to sexual activity through the mouth, anus, penis or vagina,” said dr. Rohma in his statement at the Fun Chat Series 5 webinar Health Care With Procare ‘Sexually Transmitted Infections’, Wednesday (11/11/2020).

Apart from that, the type of sexually transmitted infection that occurs in pregnant women is generally gonorrhea, aka gonorrhea, which occurs due to exposure to the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae. If this happens, pregnant women will experience excess vaginal discharge that smells bad.

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Pregnant women (Unsplash)

Not only that, pregnant women who experience gonorrhea and are not handled properly can also experience miscarriage, premature birth, pregnancy outside the womb and fertility problems in the future.

“Babies born to mothers with gonorrhea are very at risk for blindness, joint infections and blood infections. All of these conditions are very likely to be life threatening, “he explained.

Furthermore, he said, another type of sexually transmitted infection is syphilis which is caused by the Treponema pallidum bacteria. This disease can be easily transmitted to a future baby if it is experienced by pregnant women.

Syphilis infection in the fetus can begin as early as 14 weeks of gestation and the risk increases as gestational age increases. The occurrence of this condition puts a baby at high risk for premature birth and organ problems.

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Then, another type of infection, bacterial vaginosis, is a type of vaginal infection that most often occurs in women who are sexually active. And, genital herpes, which is an infection of the genital area of ​​pregnant women caused by the Herpes simplex virus.

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“If it is not treated immediately, the impact will be exactly the same, which will damage the organs and even death to the fetus. Therefore, it is better to avoid and immediately treat it if you start experiencing symptoms of sexually transmitted infections,” he said.

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