Hong Kong Team Shines at Hangzhou Asian Games with Gold and Bronze Medals

Hong Kong Team Shines at Hangzhou Asian Games with Gold and Bronze Medals

Hangzhou Asian Games

On the first official competition day of the 19th Asian Games held in Hangzhou, good news came from the Hong Kong team, which won a total of 2 gold and 5 bronze medals! Lin Xindong and Wang Weijun won the first gold medal for the Hong Kong team in the men’s double sculls coxless rowing event; Chen Suijin of the martial arts team won the bronze medal in the women’s Tai Chi Tai Chi Sword all-around event; as for the most familiar figures to Hong Kong people World-class athletes also lived up to expectations. Among them, the fencing team won three medals. “Sword God” Zhang Jialang won the gold medal in individual foil, while Cai Junyan and Jiang Minxi won bronze medals respectively. He Shibei, who won a bronze in the non-main event “50 frog”, later added another bronze with her teammates in the 4X100 freestyle, preparing for today’s competition for gold in the women’s 200m freestyle. As for the first gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, it was won by Zou Jiaqi and Qiu Xiuping of the Chinese team in the women’s lightweight rowing double sculls final.

Hangzhou Asian Games Zhang Jialang

Hangzhou Asian Games Zhang Jialang Cai Junyan

Hangzhou Asian Games Hong Kong team wins gold in men’s double rudderless boat

Hangzhou Asian Games Chen Suijin

The “Lin Wang Combination”, which won the first gold medal for the Hong Kong team, qualified second in the men’s double sculls preliminary round and faced Indonesia, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and South Korea in the 2,000-meter final. Although the Lin Wang team was slightly behind the Uzbek team in the first 1,000 meters, the two relied on their staying power and finally crossed the line first in 6 minutes and 44.20 seconds. They beat their opponents to win the gold with a gap of 3.91 seconds, winning the Hong Kong team’s first medal in this Asian Games. , is also the first gold medal for the Hong Kong rowing team after the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, and the second gold medal for the rowing team in the history of the Asian Games.

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After the game, Wang Weijun said that he was proud to be the first gold medalist of the Hong Kong Asian Games delegation. He also pointed out that there were no special challenges or difficulties in the game. “This game has been played in my mind countless times,” and the game situation was as expected. . Lin Xindong also said that he was very touched after winning the gold medal because it “made a good start” for Hong Kong in the Hangzhou Asian Games. He also said that he believed in himself, his partner Wang Weijun and the coaching team. “Everything we paid was 100% worth it.” Grab the gold medal!”

Chief Executive Lee Ka-chiu praised the “Lin Wang Combination” in Hangzhou for taking the lead for the Hong Kong team and boosting the morale of other athletes. He believed that if they go all out, their morale will be even higher. Fok Qi-gang, head of the Hong Kong delegation, said it was encouraging that the two athletes had high fighting spirit and strong stamina to win the first gold medal for the Hong Kong team. He also hoped that the Hong Kong people would continue to support the Hong Kong team. The Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Yang Runxiong, who is also in Hangzhou, also congratulated the two and praised them for their incisive performance and striving to win glory for Hong Kong. He also wished Hong Kong athletes to continue to shine in the competition.

The Hong Kong Wushu Team is also the Hong Kong team’s hope for medals, and Chen Suijin won the bronze medal in the women’s “Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi Sword All-Around” event, winning the Hong Kong team’s second medal. 32-year-old Hong Kong player Chen Suijin expressed satisfaction with her performance and said that participating in the Asian Games is very meaningful to her. “This is my first Asian Games, and I guess it will be the last one.” She hopes to continue to use her martial arts skills in the future, and even Attract more people to join the martial arts team family.

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Hangzhou Asian Games Hong Kong team wins bronze medal in women’s 4X100 freestyle

Hangzhou Asian Games Jiang Minxi

Hangzhou Asian Games citizens cheer for Hong Kong athletes

Hangzhou Asian Games China Zou Jiaqi Qiu Xiuping

He Shibei and the women’s swimming team won two bronze medals

In terms of fencing, the men’s foil and women’s epee individual competitions were held yesterday. Hong Kong team fencers Cheung Ka-lang, Choi Chun-yin, Jiang Minxi and She Xianhui competed respectively. “Sword God” Zhang Jialang defeated opponents from Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Thailand and Chinese Taipei in the foil group stage yesterday, qualifying with a complete victory. The top four faced Japanese team’s Takahiro Shikine, and fell behind 12-14 at one point; he finally won consecutively He won 3 points to advance to the final; in the final against Chinese team swordsman Chen Haiwei, Zhang Jialang scored 3 points in a row at the beginning. Although he was once chased to 3-2, Zhang Jialang then won 12 swords in a row and achieved a 15-2 victory. “Revenge” for Choi Chun-yin, who was eliminated in the top four, he won his first Asian Games gold medal. It was also the Hong Kong team’s second gold medal this year and the first Asian Games individual gold medal in the history of Hong Kong fencing. Cai Junyan lost to Chen Haiwei 9-15 in the quarterfinals and won a bronze medal without a bronze medal match. As for the women’s epee individual event, Jiang Minhyang fought against South Korea’s Song Se-ra, who won the world championship last year and is the world’s top swordsman. Unfortunately, she lost to her opponent 11-15 and won the bronze medal.

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In the swimming pool, Hong Kong swimmer He Shibei won the bronze medal in the women’s 50-meter breaststroke final, while the gold medal was won by the national team’s Tang Qianting. In addition, in the women’s 4x100m freestyle relay, the Hong Kong team sent Zheng Limei, He Shibei, Tam Kailin and Ou Kai-chun to compete in the final, and finally beat Singapore to win third place. The gold and silver medal winners were China and Japan.

The Asian Games is in full swing in Hangzhou. There are also shopping malls in Hong Kong using large TVs to broadcast the event live, attracting citizens to watch and cheer for Hong Kong athletes. Some people who attended the event said that the atmosphere was good, and some even “bought coffee to watch the competition.” She also hoped that Hong Kong athletes could win more medals.

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