Hong Kong added 4,318 confirmed cases, 325 imported cases, government sent 160,000 rapid test kits to three districts


The epidemic situation in Hong Kong continues to slow. The Department of Health announced today (6th) that there have been 4,318 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Hong Kong, including 3,993 local cases and 325 imported cases. The hospital authority announced that six more patients died today. Additionally, the government said today that the sewage test results of many residential complexes in the central and western district, Tuen Mun and Yuen Long were positive and the viral load was relatively high. A total of approximately 160,000 rapid antigen test kits were distributed by workers and property managers.

A total of 9,987 deaths have been recorded so far in the fifth wave of the outbreak.

Today, 1 residential care home for the elderly and 2 residential care homes for the disabled have confirmed cases, with 6 and 2 inmates confirmed respectively, and a total of 12 people are classified as close contacts.

In addition, 729 cases were reported in 459 schools, involving 630 students and 99 employees, and 6 classes had to be suspended.

The government also announced the results of the sewage tests, which found that residential areas near MacDonnell Road and Maggie Sin Gap Road in the Central and Western District, King Peak Garden, King Sun Terrace, Yee Lok Garden, Wei King Garden , Choi Fai Garden, King Peak Court, Royal Garden in Tuen Mun District. Phase II Middle and Middle Levels, Shan Shan Village and Yeung Siu Hang Village, Tin Yan Village, Wet Seasons Park and Wai King Heen in Yuen Long District have relatively high levels of the virus. 160,000 rapid test kits will be sent to relevant locations for the public to use the self-test to help identify infected people.

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