Tesla will gradually remove ultrasonic sensors from new cars and future vehicle perception will rely completely on visual systems – Chinese version of Engadget


Tesla recentlyTo announceFrom October, ultrasonic sensors on new cars will be phased out in favor of a purely visual driving assistance system that relies entirely on cameras. At the moment, most other brands will use the solution of multiple components such as cameras, radar and LiDAR, while Tesla’s management is undoubtedly much more radical. According to the official plan, the ultrasonic sensors on the Model 3 and Y will be removed in the coming months, and then on the Model S and X will follow by 2023.

Since ultrasonic sensors are primarily used to detect obstacles at short distances, features such as smart summoning and parking assistance will not function normally during the transition phase, and car owners must wait for subsequent OTA updates to reset them. has been working since last yearTurn off the radar sensor on the carand now further expansion to ultrasound modules is clearly in their plans. Company chief Elon Musk didassertion“The accuracy of the vision system is far superior to that of the radar solution,” and he also firmly believes that if humans can rely on binocular vision to drive a car well, cars can too.

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