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Honda HR-V Price Increase: Now IDR 532.6 Million, Still the Most Expensive Compact SUV – Updates and Rivals


The price of the Honda HR-V has been observed to increase. Now the most expensive Honda HR-V is priced at IDR 532.6 million.

Honda has made adjustments to the price of the HR-V. Seen by detikOto on the official Honda Indonesia website, the cheapest HR-V is now IDR 377.8 million or an increase of IDR 1.9 million from before. Furthermore, the HR-V E CVT increased by IDR 2 million from the previous IDR 395.9 million to IDR 397.9 million.

There is also an increase in the HR-V SE CVT model, which was previously priced at IDR 416.1 million, now the price is IDR 418.2 million. The biggest price increase is for the HR-V Turbo RS model, namely IDR 2.7 million. With this increase, the most expensive variant of the Honda HR-V is sold for IDR 532.6 million. Following are the price details for the Honda HR-V:

Honda HR-V S CVT: IDR 377.8 million Honda HR-V E CVT: IDR 397.9 million Honda HR-V SE CVT: IDR 418.2 million Honda HR-V Turbo RS: IDR 532.6 million

Compared to rivals in the compact SUV segment, the price of the Honda HR-V is still the most expensive. Especially for the RS variant of the Honda HR-V, its main rival is the Chery Omoda 5 which has a turbo engine. The most expensive Omoda 5 is currently selling for IDR 404.8 million. The difference reached IDR 127.8 million.

Meanwhile, prices for other Honda HR-V models are still competitive. The following is a price list for the compact SUV rival Honda HR-V sold in Indonesia.

Hyundai Creta

– Hyundai Creta Active M/T: IDR 291.3 million
– Hyundai Creta Trend M/T: Rp 313 jtua
– Hyundai Creta Trend IVT: IDR 333.5 million
– Hyundai Creta Dynamic Black Edition: IDR 350 million
– Hyundai Creta Style: IDR 376 million
– Hyundai Creta Prime: IDR 408.3 million

Wuling Alvez

– Wuling Alvez SE: IDR 209 million
– Wuling Alvez CE: IDR 255 million
– Wuling Alvez EX: IDR 295 million

Suzuki Grand Vitara

– Suzuki Grand Vitara GL: IDR 359.4 million
– Suzuki Grand Vitara GX: IDR 384.4 million
– Suzuki Grand Vitara GX Two Tone: IDR 387.4 million

Toyota Yaris Cross

– Toyota Yaris Cross GM/T: IDR 351 million
– Toyota Yaris Cross G CVT: IDR 364 million
– Toyota Yaris Cross S CVT: IDR 407.7 million
– Toyota Yaris Cross CVT with GR Parts Aero Package: Rp 417 juta
– Toyota Yaris Cross S HV CVT: IDR 440.6 million
– Toyota Yaris Cross S HV CVT with GR Parts Aero Package: Rp 449,95 juta

Chery Omoda 5

– Chery Omoda 5 Z: IDR 334.8 million
– Chery Omoda 5 RZ: IDR 404.8 million

Mitsubishi Xforce

– Mitsubishi Xforce Exceed CVT: IDR 382.5 million
– Mistubishi Xforce Ultimate CVT: IDR 419.1 million


– MG ZS Activate: IDR 315.8 million
– MG ZS Ignite: IDR 335.8 million
– MG ZS Magnify: IDR 355.8 million

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