high start this Thursday for Nancy Pulnoy and Nancy Aingeray

D2 (F): Nancy Pulnoy diminué

The two leaders of the Grand Est senior women’s golf, namely Metz Chérisey and Nancy Pulnoy, have taken over the Ile d’Or, near Nantes. First swings this Thursday morning. In this group B of the French 2nd division team championship, Meurthe-et-Mosellanes will have a lot to do, especially as they will be deprived of their leader, Maryse Traut, who has retired due to a domestic accident. The maintenance operation is in the sights of Laurence Combe, Catherine Bertossi, Florence Viry, Sophie Humilière and Captain Isabelle Patard. A place in the top 8 at the end of the two singles rounds would avoid headaches in the play-offs for Pulnéennes.

Re3 (D): Nancy Aingeray in good company

An unfortunate surprise for the clubs involved in group A of the 3rd senior women’s division: the course of Coutainville in Normandy was devoured by salt. Unworthy of a French championship! From Friday, Nancy Aingeray will find seven other clubs in the league: Ammerschwhir, Amnéville, Chalon en Champagne, Épinal, Longwy, Strasbourg and La Wantzenau. “It will be hot, all the teams are more or less at the same level”, sums up captain Martine Risse. She will be accompanied by Annick Charroyer, Sophie Schinert, Stéphanie Maghe-Lalevée and Bénédicte Omarini. Again, it’s about sneaking into the top 8 so as not to go through the ax of the play-off match-play.

D3 (M): Nancy Pulnoy well armed

On paper, Nancy Pulnoy is solidly armed in 3rd Division Group B. Captain Renaud Guérard did the math, studied the virtual compositions of the clubs: “on paper we have the 4th best workforce”. Marc Lévy Rueff, Xavier Tillement, Christophe Bolsius, Bruno Vitoux, Thierry Schmitt, Franck Trussardi and Kenan Ipek present themselves this Thursday at Belle Dune in the Baie de Somme with serious arguments. Certainly not as good as Morfontaine, the club of the president of the French golf federation, Pascal Grizot, and his 3 negative players! Will they be there, in the middle of the French Open? The Pulnéens will cross the road to Bouleaux, Preisch the strong Moselle and especially Strasbourg which fell, to everyone’s surprise, from the 2nd division.

D4 (M): Nancy Aingeray and the maintenance operation

“We don’t have a team to go up”. Nancy Aingeray’s captain, Philippe Charroyer, wants to be realistic and wise in his predictions. Mainly maintenance operations. In the 4th division, in Group B, in Meaux Boutigny, the Meurthe-et-Mosellans will face heavyweights. Starting with La Wantzenau, senior champion of the Grand Est after having torpedoed Metz Technopôle and its 1st division team! Ammerschwhir, Bitche, Épinal and Reims will also represent the League. Big favorite? Béthemont who lines up in particular Stéphane Barber, index -3.8. We’re not doing much better in France. Aingeray will therefore be able to count on Philippe Charroyer, Denis Veit, Gérard Hemmer, Gaëtan Claude, Michele Lombardi, Francis Omarini and the stainless Jean Glotz.

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