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“He’s a very poor guy,” but the tweet is a boomerang and the singer’s fans are defending it

«Gabbani is already a very poor driver, if you make him go up on stage after #Mahmood you really hurt him “. Wild Lucarelli attacks cold and without apparent motivation the performance of Francesco Gabbani at the “Seat Music Awards 2020” on Saturday 5 September at the Verona Arena. The journalist compared him with Mahmood, giving him the “very poor fool” triggering the reaction of the fans who did not wait. A tweet that turns out to be a real boomerang for Selvaggia Lucarelli.

“Too bad he won two San Remo and sells millions of records”, a user replies on Twitter recalling Gabbani’s successes in the new proposals category of 2016 and among the big names the following year with the song Occidentale’s Karma. But he is not the only one to side with the singer-songwriter from Carrara. There are many comments: “I don’t understand why this gratuitous insult to Gabbani .. both he and Mahmood are great artists ..“, it is read. It’s still: “Wild, I almost always share what you say, but not this time. Mahmood and Gabbani are both fantastic. Great artists and among other things, my favorites “.

Lucarelli was targeted for choosing the way she criticized Gabbani. “I think she would have made a much better impression to admit that she simply doesn’t like Gabbani – writes another profile on the social network – In addition to being evident for years, insulting him by calling him “very scarce” is ridiculous. She comes out much worse as a person than Gabbani as an artist from this tweet “.

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